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8 things to know about Chinese traditional Korean

How to greet, give gifts or the first ritual of the start of the new year is the necessity of Seollal - Traditional New Year's Day in the land of kimchi.
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If you are prepared to travel Korea during Tet, follow the following will help you get the local community loves.

Greeting new year

Normally, when Koreans say happy new year, the saying would make sense, "Wish you get much luck and happiness in the new year." It is pronounced: sae hae bok manhi seh yo bah doo.

How to give gifts

Before a week Seollal, Koreans usually busy shopping gifts for relatives and friends. Popular gifts include meat, the gift or cash. Besides the more common gifts like fish, fresh fruit, ginseng, honey, health care products, toiletries, dry fish and hangwa (a Korean traditional cake).


Ginseng is a popular gift for the new year with Koreans. Photo: seoulistic

If you want to donate cash, banks issued cash gift packages, including the new banknotes from around the world.

Traditional beliefs

Koreans believe that spirits to earth to steal shoes in the new year. These souls will choose shoes fit with their feet and bring luck to the owner of the shoes in the whole year. Therefore, people often hide in the safety shoe.

What to do on New Year's morning

According to tradition, the Koreans will buy bokjori (bamboo rice wife) and hung on the wall to bring luck to the family. It is believed as soon as you buy bokjori, good luck to you more and more families.

In this occasion, people also wore colorful and beautiful Hanbok with wishes for a bright future. Then they will visit families and relatives to celebrate the holidays together.

Charye - customs and ancestor worship

Charye is a prayer for peace and the health of their ancestors. A table sorted Charye with many fruits in all shapes, bright colors. Koreans also have rules separately furnished on the altar, called Jesa Whiz.

8-dieu-can-biet -ve-tet-tradition-crab-nguoi-han-quoc-1

Charye rituals of Korean ancestor altar. Photo: jakwave

The traditional dish is placed on the altar include rice cake soup, sweet potato noodles with meat and vegetables, pork ribs sauce, traditional biscuits, fruits and many other items. After Charye ceremony ended, everyone will come together to eat traditional dishes hoping good things will begin ancestors left them.

Tteokguk rice cake soup

Kimchi people have the habit of eating Teokguk - rice cake soup on the first morning with family Seollal. People have a habit of asking each ate as many bowls as they conceived tteokguk, you will grow old one if you eat a bowl of tteokguk.

Sebae - ritual bows

After the meal, the children in the family will bow respectfully and gifts for grandparents, parents. Then the elders will give descendants style envelopes (sebaedon). Men and women have a different bow. Sebae not simply bow but also an important ritual in the new year.

Family activities

With family members, they often played together Yutnori (games released 4 sticks on a grid table available), stone bridge, archery and kite flying. In addition, people can gather and watch movies together.

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Koreans play shuttlecock in the new year. Photo: VisitKorea

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