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Chinese tourists encounter scandal because touching chest wax

Users of social networks in China are calling for the government to track and punish this young man when he had the indecent behavior with wax statues recreate history.
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A young Chinese travelers are members of the social network looking after the photos you touch the chest and embrace the statue wax figure girl at memorial revolution Malan, Shaanxi Province, spread on the Internet. The wax statue is recreated characters from the Communist Revolution in China in the late 1940s.


10 years without setting foot in any of the Chinese landscape as punishment many people wanted this for visitors.

According to what the image is, the boy climbed over the railing, posing with one hand on her chest statue. The other plate was recorded guy kissing scene statue despite warning signs "prohibited touching objects".

Upon seeing the photos, social network users has angered China, criticized the government and called search and punish the behavior of boys. They want him to receive similar penalties for travelers used to sit on top of the Red Army bronze statue in Victory Hill Memorial Park, Shaanxi at 10 years are not allowed to set foot on the scenic spots in the country .

Last week, a similar incident occurred when some men photographedcuddling naked statue of Duong Quy Phi United Thanh Tri, Xi'an City, Shaanxi. Three guests then had the "black list" of Chinese Tourism.

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Ham Truyện Tranh
Ham Truyện Tranh