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Rats go Phuket, Pig up to Sydney this year

Hong Kong, Seoul, London, Phuket ... is the ideal destination for 12 animal calm year in 2016.
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Sky Scanner, the site for those who love traveling, consult astrologers about suitable tourist destination for people based on what they hold baby crystals. You can believe or not, and if so, try reference.

If you are born in the Horse

Just make every effort in work and life, 2016 promises to be a year of opportunities for the Horse. You should rest and eat sensibly enough health to enjoy the experience with the best service in our holiday. You should visit Hong Kong.Cuisine here is very rich, but you'll also have the opportunity to exercise with walks and day tours to interesting places in the locality. Horoscopes of the Horse says that you will have more energy and stamina after June, so why not book a trip to Hong Kong in the second half of this year? Photo: Optimus5.


If you are born in Tiger

2016 is predicted to be a year with many changes in the work and lives of people born in Tiger. Many of these are positive changes, but not all. Fortunately, Bali has not changed, still the beautiful tropical islands and attractions for you. Here comes the famous dish, paradise beaches, parties and crazy night peace strangely. It is the perfect choice for people age Tigers this year. Image: Lifestyle.


If you are born in Dragon

You were ready for a year full of activities and opportunities yet? This year, you will have to work hard and do not have much time to relax. However, life is only work that will make you feel bored. That is why a quick trip to Bangkok is the perfect suggestion to regain mental breather. According to astrology, July and August are the most appropriate period for the Dragons abroad. Let's seize this opportunity to spend some time shopping, dining and visiting the city, you will deposit enough energy for the next plan year later. Photo: Onestep4ward.


If you are born in Snake

The Snake in the year there are many new exciting opportunities in work and life balance. You will feel healthy, fit and energetic to explore. With plans to be prepared, visit one of the most vibrant cities in East Asia - Seoul. Yes nightlife colorful sights and unique art, the city will bring enthusiasm and good luck to you.According to astrology, all what you need to carry is a spirit of optimism and enthusiasm. So, do not hesitate but book tickets and hotel to Seoul now! Photo:budgettravel.com.


If you are born in the Rabbit

You will be very happy and happiness in the year, although at times there will be challenges and difficulties sudden unplanned. Do not try so discouraged, this will be an opportunity for you to have the opportunity to travel and participate in festivals and group activities. In all locations, Penang - nice city and most peaceful Malaysia's No. 1 choice for you. Enjoy the cuisine and the landscape of colonial relics in the ancient town of Georgetown or fled to the pristine beaches that include captivating with family and friends. Especially, if you go into August you will have the opportunity to participate in the festival Georgetown Festival, will definitely make your trip memorable than ever. Photo: Wikimedia.


If you are born in Rooster

2016 was a year full of adventure, excitement and bring new experiences to the Rooster. But you also have to be careful with his relationships within six months of the year when parents may object to some of your plans, but these plans can bring huge opportunities. To appease all those things, go to London. City culture and history is where you can put the foot closer to the lives of the royal family and spending time with loved ones, his friends. Photo: Visafirst.


If you are born in Rat

This is a year with good food, good friends and a wealth of period fun. Of course, only the new Phuket is the perfect place for such activities. Southern Thailand beach will give you a great culinary experience and brings friends closer together.This year is not the year for haste, so traveling from Phuket in golden time in April to May or from August to December 9. Photo: Skyscanner.


If you are born in the Dog

You will go through many ups and downs, but also will find a great motivation to get things laid out plan. Patience and prudence will be rewarded, however, creativity is indispensable in all the areas around you. So horoscopes guide you straight to one of the most creative cities in Asia - Tokyo. You will be inspired by the smallest things like t ileum, art, music and more. In addition, you do not like the delay andprocrastination, so there is no better place than Tokyo - city known for the accuracyand punctuality to you arriving? Photo: Thesolotravelsolution.


If you are born in Ox

You will have plenty of opportunities for advancement. However, predictions of astrology, you should not think about those things. Everyone can be jealous of your success, so do not try to please all. Ideal location for a relaxing holiday with friends is Langkawi - beautiful island, luxurious but not too flashy and distant. It has everything you want, it is the rhythm of life takes place slowly, and the natural stability. Spend the weekend or for leave days to be able to indulge in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the moments of the relatives on the island of Langkawi.Photo: TripAdvisor.


If you are born in Hare

For you, this is a decisive year for the right career and wonderful trip. You are particularly sensitive to art and beauty, so Melbourne is the perfect destination in 2016. City European style with lots of activities unique art and music scene and life vibrant nightlife. That will keep and gives you the opportunity to experience more energy to recharge for the next big plan. Photo: Togetherweroam.com.


If you are born in Pig

2016 contains challenging both in work and life, but innate character will help you overcome with absolute confidence. The astrologers especially emphasized the importance of tourism in the year. Last year will be a difficult time, but luckily there is also time for you suitcase up and go. Go ahead to Sydney - Australia's largest city to immerse themselves in the big sea waves, sunshine and comfortable to enjoy the beautiful weather in the most romantic city in Australia. Year of the Monkey's year will bring their energy to any party you join, so why not bring that energy to Sydney? Photo: Paxtyvisuals.


If you are born in Monkey

T orang Body will experience memorable and exciting moments. This year is the time when the potential and opportunities of your throne. Main character and agileintelligence will help you to develop your abilities to the max. To search for a cityfull of interesting opportunities, Shanghai was the most accurate answer. Signs clearly in horoscope shows quick trip to the bustling port city on the banks of the Yangtze River will help you find interesting activities, great food and even the opportunity for their work. Photo: Backyardtravel.

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