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The fine-dining restaurant near St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi

Baked rolls, bread or noodle pillow tongue, eel porridge is appropriate dishes in winter while waiting for Christmas atmosphere near the Cathedral, Hanoi.
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St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi is home to many people to celebrate Christmas in every occasion. Enjoy the cuisine of this area and soak in the atmosphere bustling Christmas Eve is an interesting experience.

Pillows, nem crab Ly Quoc Su

Near the Great church, has long diner diners crowded every afternoon on.Pillows have a reputation as a gift afternoon, especially in winter. It is also appropriate to eat then you can easily soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Christmas Eve.

Chuy?n shock the-fine-dining-restaurant-near-st-joseph-s-cathedral-hanoi-news

Also cake pillow, here's also sell sweet and savory pancakes, crab nem ... Photo:Dieu Huyen

The hot cake with yellow pillows cumbersome tempting. Fillings are mainly made from meat, bean sprouts, black mushrooms, quail eggs ... and immediately processed on the outside so you can easily see.

Flooding in the second pillow pie sauce savory tart sweet brewed just right and enjoy, you will feel the rum crispy crust blended with the sweet taste of human flesh. Also diner also has crab nem aromatic and tasty cooked just mouth.

Bun tongue, eel vermicelli Chan Cam

Chan Cam street about 200 meters long, but there are so many eateries.Here is famous for eel and vermicelli noodle dishes tongue.

There are all kinds of sorghum as mixing, or stir-fried water attractions.Raw materials for making vermicelli is just another diner but most of the features here are marinated eel is just mouth, crispy eating sensation in the mouth. The tough fibers and sorghum in.

Chuy?n shock the-fine-dining-restaurant-near-st-joseph-s-cathedral-hanoi-news

Myanmar mixing many diners enjoy tasty smoothie, just mouth. Photo: Foody

Myanmar broth mixed with charming, sweet and seductive any customers yet. So when it comes to eel vermicelli, many gourmets in Hanoi are mentioned Chan Cam eel vermicelli. Furthermore tongue noodle bar also very attractive, give you more choice when it had to come here to eat.

Lane baked rolls Au Trieu

Baked rolls shop just opened in range 14h onwards but always crowded diners. Many people come here enjoy the feeling of sitting inside hybrid rai hot rolls baked sour in winter, watching people pass on the street.

Not too fussy, just a couple of chairs, alongside fragrant grilled nem tray, keeping the meat pink. When eating dots baked rolls with chili sauce, sweet taste of spring rolls with spicy blends creating a very interesting feeling.

Chuy?n shock the-fine-dining-restaurant-near-st-joseph-s-cathedral-hanoi-news

Nem chua baking dish is well known in the Cathedral area. Photo: Thanh Tung.

Also here there are many dishes to sit cow dragging fish, squid, snapper ... You come early to pick the spot, sit and chat in the cold and waiting time until Christmas Eve close .

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