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The most notorious case of travelers in 2015

2015 is considered the year of the disaster with mass nude travelers scandal vent grills, photographed at famous landmarks, sacred.
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The unconscious behavior, daring on the road traveling increasingly popular tourist embarrassment in the eyes of the locals. If previously were limited to dress immodestly when temples, carved graffiti in ruins a sneaky way, but now the shameful act of travelers are increasingly serious and public a way not shy Social constraints.

According to SCMP, say to tourists unconscious, Chinese people still tops the list. However, around the world, tourists many different nationalities have also appeared in the "black list" is. Here are some kinds of shameful behavior and typical cases of tourists unwittingly, the most scandalous past 2015.

Strut their travel movement

2015 is definitely the year of the nude photograph guests. Even with quite website called Naked at Monuments (Nude in the ruins) or Naked Trip My blog, encourage, guide visitors nude in the famous sights and upload pictures to social networking foul. Naked at Monuments also given a list of points to nude. In the top 3 favorite naturist destinations with the Great Wall of China. "Nudity here is easy, as long as you go in the afternoon and avoid the tourists", the instructions on the website describes.


Hong Kong Model nude bungee jumping in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo: SCMP.

However, the pleasure from bold actions in public brings more trouble for others. May, a Hong Kong model rioting in Chiang Mai, Thailand as bungee jumping in a state not naked. Later, she also shared pictures experience "cool" on their social networks. Although Thailand has left the clips cause storm in the online community, a model will not escape punishment. The company allows girls nude bungee jumping was also fined 1,000 baht (600,000 contracts).

Guests seeking movement spread quickly vent grills. Within weeks, the government of Cambodia to arrest and deport five American tourists and France posing naked at 3 different points in Angkor. The climax was when the group of 10 Western tourists, photographing naked male and female on the sacred mountain of Malaysia Kinabalu January 5. Just a month later, where earthquakes 6 on the Richter scale killed 18 people. Angry locals say the blasphemous act nude sacred mountain of tourist groups made gods-made disasters to punish.

Going to the toilet is not in place

Maybe all travelers are ever in this situation, when needed the toilet between long-distance bus journey that toilets are too far back. They usually resolve in a public place on the road. In July last, Iceland to produce a series of signs banning dirty toilet by the number of visitors to urinate even defecated in the rapidly growing tourist destination in the face by refusing to pay to use public toilets .

Lack of respect for the monuments

Bad people complain about tourists have many acts of disrespect to the monuments are no longer rare. Because of the lack of respect not only the bow when greeting forgotten in Cambodia, things go further. This month, the provincial government of Shaanxi, China had urged travelers to stop "touching breasts" Duong Quy Phi phenomenon, one of four great ancient Chinese beauties in the Huaqing Hot Springs. By the visitors to test different here photographed touching the breasts of statues in delight beauty trifled.


Guests male test different "touch chest," Duong Quy Phi. Photo: SCMP.

The Colosseum in Rome is also a disaster to suffer from the lack of respect for its guests. Last month, a woman was arrested when engraved Austria "MDS" in ruins. July, Lebanese female tourists used to carving up the wall penny stock arena. A few days later, an international football player who allegedly because Bulgaria has unconsciously act similarly.Even a young Canadian travelers are stealing bricks from an ancient ruins.


Of course the holiday is the time to relax, but the overboard drunk can ruin your holiday. Two drunken British tourists do riot a park in Gold Coast, Australia. They park in drunk, threw a fire extinguisher in a shark pool, swim with whale jumped into the park and take a penguin on a hotel room.

Lack of understanding of local regulations


Guests can play together but not for feeding pigeons in St. Mark's Square. Photo:AFP.

For years, tourists He faced many troubles in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Many imprisonment in Dubai for having sex in a public place in a state of drunkenness. You need to learn some basic rules locally as not to overstep the currency in Thailand (pre-printed with the king), do not eat in public during Ramadan in the UAE, not to feed pigeons in St Mark's Square, Venice, Italy.

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