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Traveling alone enjoy with a partner

Traveling alone is becoming a popular trend, to help those who are unmarried easily find their other half.
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With online dating sites and apps available, finding his other half has never been so easy. However, even if the connection to each other on the network appear to be effective, there would still be another way to help you "get ế" more quickly, which was traveling alone.

According to research by Visa Global Travel Intentions conducted in 2015, people traveling alone has increased by 13% compared with 2013 and the first man to travel alone rose 37%. Population growth alone move quickly reached the sights of the tourist industry for launching a series of special packages designed to connect singles together.

"More and more hotels are looking to help the tourists alone have a great experience," Christine Sarkis, editor of the website SmarterTravel said.

"For example, many small hotels, independent supply operations such as food or walk that individual travelers can sign up if they want to join the group of people who share your interests. In addition, the room games or other public space is also used for people to meet each other more easily, "she continued.


The traveling alone will increase your chance to meet the opposite sex. Photo:Today

Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Resort & Spa, one of the hotel serving for singles, has invited those who travel alone and meet other guests at the bar coast into a fixed hour each day . Similarly, Zemi Beach House Resort & Spa in Anguilla, also applied a method every single guest has the right to participate in the fun cocktail party, dinner with many people and tasting rum.

Guests traveling alone can install applications MissTravel launched in the summer, help single members seek appropriate companion to travel together around the world. The complete stranger may decide to travel together before actually meeting in person.

Dela Cruz Hannahmae, communications director of MissTravel said: "Tourism is a very good way to find love and it is also an important test for a relationship. When traveling, we walked safely out of the circle, face unpredictable situations. Therefore, the same way we handle companion that situation will determine the level of compatibility of each other. Many people then even married and start building a family together. "

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