Essay about Using Visuals to Speak a Message






DRIVE 24, 2014

For this project, use the concepts you've discovered in this study course to successfully apply pictures to a business-related message. Below, you will find just a couple examples of how visuals work extremely well to communicate a message in the commercial setting. Twenty-four hours a day use one of the examples here, or if you opt to select examples not included on the list, be sure to request instructor acceptance prior to doing the Final Job. Examples of Organization Communication

How Each Example Might Look for Your Job

Presentation about department accomplishments

PowerPoint slides with visuals including video clips, pictures, and graphs and associated speech in the Speaker's Records section at the bottom.. Print advertisements for your own business

Word doc or PDF version associated with an advertisement, filled with appropriate image(s), embedded (or links to) video clips, composition, typography, and company logo and website. Teaching materials with your job duties

Word file or PDF version of job guidelines using typography, composition, and relevant pictures and online video to promote clearness. Company internet site

Phrase document, PowerPoint, or PDF FORMAT mock-up that illustrates what you would want your web site to appear like. Complete with appropriate images, successful composition and color usage, company logo, video clips, and forms representing where buttons would be.

Your Final Project must contain aspects of each factor discussed in this time as it applies to your case in point communication piece. It must make use of appropriate typefaces, deliver a very clear message, and still have clear company identity. It should also use an appropriate composition of graphics, photos, video, or other image media. Beyond the text, the paper need to contain a the least five educational sources, a pair of which must be from the Ashford University Collection. In your five- to seven-page paper (not including the subject and research pages or maybe the three visual media examples), be sure to treat the following: Go over the rationale in back of choosing all the three media elements and support the discussion with concepts through the course material. Explain why the media factors contained in the Final Job deliver the concept you meant to communicate. Describe the intent of the communication.

Apply minimal five principles from the content to support selecting a media components. For example you may use principles such as visible literacy, belief, visual marketing, storytelling, design, branding, social media, communication ideas, or any of the other concepts shown during the program. Be sure to go over the relationship in the concepts towards the media factors that you have picked.

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