History Prep Essay


the renaissance.

-rebirth; period of west european's history where there was a wonderful philosophical and artistic activity. -14th to 17th century

before the renaissance

-decline in middle ages

-focuses were generally on non-urban and gardening

-writings generally concerned with the Church

-feudalism to nationwide monarchies

-man became interested with the affairs of the world; they began to wander from the Cathedral; they started to question lifestyle; -crusades

origins of german renaisance

the renaissance started in italy because of several causes; some of which are: -the crusades-this allowed the europeans to become exposed to traditional and roman writing that were preserved by muslims -trading- italy was your centre with the mediterrainean control; this brought about great prosperity to the nation; the medici family was incharge of trade; we were holding very rich, this prosperity was used to sponsor performers, painters, copy writers etc . -italians were more attached to their particular classical both roman heritage -six major metropolitan areas of italy in which the renaissance flourished -genoa -venice -florence -milan -naples -rome


-the analyze of traditional writings (greeks and romans); it is the idea that people will be rational beings -men from the renaissance period began to break away from the church; we declare this since they had began to criticize the authority with the church as well as they were quite interested in your life itself; unichip were referred to as humanists, that were there believed that life was more than living for the church but that man was brilliant beings and full of really worth


Dante Alighieri

-From Florence

-Thinker and Writer of late13th-early14th hundred years

-Pioneer of Renaissance; Father of the Italian language

-Diplomat; Personal Observer; Great Poet;

-Expressed phrases in the indigenous Tuscan Tongue

-Wrote " The Keen Comedy"

Francesco Petrarch

-poet; studied regulation; member of the clergy; " founder of humanism" -master of lyric poetry

-interested in archeology and collecting coins and medals

-criticized the medieval educational method

Northern Humanists

Desiderius Erasmus


-fought falsehood

-studied publication of classical books

-book: Compliment of Folly

where he made fun in the clergy; published against indulgences, fasting upon fridays and during lent; plus the some of the Church's interpretation with the bible

Thomas More

-book: utopia =criticized the society of his day time

-English Humanist

Francois Rabelais

- Frenchman

-Two wonderful loves: traditional learning, persons of Portugal

-Loved his native france speech

-Book: The Intestimable Life from the Great Gargantua, Father of Pantagruel -Ridiculed fakery and falsehood; got the highest respect for integrity

Printing Press - Johann Gutenberg

-this sped up the reproduction of books

-helped in the creating of libraries

-popularised the ideas and information of the renaissance

-spread from Australia to american countries to become very popular in Italia Aldus Manutius - famous italian printer of Venice

-resolved that he would submit all the Traditional and Latin classics which will he wanted to sell for a price an average could manage. He performed this by printing books of modest amounts and inexpensive conventional paper. -Aldine type- known today as Italics

-Painting and Architecture

-Renaissance architects came inspiration via studying this Greek and Roman models -Central feature of a renaissance building -- dome added to a drum -Round arches and long rows of greek content were much used.

Michelangelo-native of florence.

-architect, painter, sculptor

-Dome of St . Peter's was done according to his models

-Fresco painting on the roof of the Sistine Chapel -Vatican -Italian artsits were qualified in the skill of art work portraits and less successful by landscapes -they were commissioned to decorate churches with artwork based on topics taken from the Bible too of lives of the saints.

OLD MASTERS OF GERMAN PAINTING: Michelangelo; Leonardo Weil Vinci, Correggio,...