Essay regarding Prejudice into Kill a Mockingbird

Persecution County

In today's society, certainly not unlike communities of the previous, there has been justice and injustice in our world. In Harper Lee's To Eliminate a Mockingbird, there is a great emphasis on the mistreatment of individuals due to the colour of their epidermis in Maycomb County. Throughout the novel it can be evident that there is an enormous prejudice towards colored people throughout the treatment of Mary Robinson, Dolphus Raymond, and Atticus Finch.

Simply due to the colour of Tom Robinson's skin he can wrongly convicted of rape. There is solid evidence that supports the innocence of Tom but is dismissed due to the prejudice towards female people. This evidence includes the placement and type of traumas, capability of person, and the not enough concern intended for Mayella Ewell's injuries. In case the jury viewed past the coloring of the believe they would easily see that Jeff was not guilty and Joe Ewell was your true culprit for this horrendous act. Jem Finch was one of the few who would not persecute but this individual examined the evidence brought out and then produced his decision. This was viewed when Jem was sure that Atticus would definitely win the situation when Reverend Sykes spoke up and said, " Now i remember be and so confident, Mister. Jem, We ain't ever seen any jury make a decision in favor of a coloured man more than a white man” (279). This quote provides the reader a tip into the computerized conviction of colored people irrespective of evidence supplied in Maycomb County. This reinforces the colour in the suspect's skin determines the verdict in defiance of if the think is truly accountable. This is accurately portrayed once Atticus can be giving his final plea to the jury and says, " This case is as simple as grayscale white” (271). In this single line Atticus will be able to summarize the whole trial. The jury had a choice, whether to believe a white man with almost no evidence or a black guy that has strong evidence to compliment his purity. An old declaring is that the earlier can forecast the future, which is quite...