Bio240 Fall season 2014 one particular

 Bio240 Show up 2014 1 Essay

BIO 240


Land 2014

School of Staten Island

Instructor: Dr . Janto Tachjadi

Email: Janto. [email protected] cuny. edu

Office: 6S – 134

Face to face period: by visit

Office hours: Monday (2: 30 – 3: 35 pm) & Tuesday (10: 00 – 12: 00 pm) Book (mandatory): Ahmed N, Dawson M, Jones C, and Wood Electronic (2007) Biology of Disease. Taylor & Francis Submitting. ISBN 978-0-7487-7210-0. CSI Bookstore $79. 00 Course Description. The course in which you happen to be enrolled is made to enlighten you on the illnesses that influence human mammals. So , this course is designed to provide you the summary of diseases common to humans. This system is pattern which has the notion that you already familiar with basic human anatomy physiology and human biology. You will have a hard time understanding infected human body in case you are not familiar with the conventional one, even though on each phase, there will be introduction to some basic understanding of the related topics. Study course objectives and assessments

To comprehend the disease processes that influence human

To know the concept of homeostasis

To apply the above mentioned understandings to clinical aspect of the disease Assessments for all goals will be through the weekly overview paper necessary for submission each week, online extensive exam

The internet experience. This may be the first time in which you are encountering an on the web course. Well then, welcome! This system will require an excellent level of independence in your portion in reading and actively looking for answers that you have regarding the matters in the syllabus. You will need to work with Blackboard, a nice feature-laden program available on the CUNY Site ( Connect to the internet and find this program. Besides examining the required text independently week-by-week, topicby-topic, you are also necessary to read or listen to further materials i will post on Blackboard that will support your understanding with the materials you are designated to read. The extra materials could be in the form of specialized medical cases, audio or pictures that will support your understanding with the topics for the syllabus. In case you have problem with blackboard you need to speak to the THAT help table in the Library.

Face to face time. I motivate you to satisfy me to go over any issues you need further more explanation or questions as well broad to go over over email messages. Please make use this opportunity to ask any questions about the study course. I will carry out face to face lessons that will be conducted on Fridays, we must arrange time through Blackboard. These lessons will be a address about the topic of the week(s).

The selection. It's that large building at the south end of campus. It houses not merely computers and one of the cafeterias, but as well journals. But with all of our busy lives, the web can also provide you with usage of many of our journals.

Weekly brief summary paper. ?nternet site mentioned before, every now and then I will content some extra materials on the web on the Blackboard, either by means of audio or perhaps additional examining materials which help you better appreciate of the matters. You will need to on their own read the designated chapter(s) each week and help to make a summary of chosen chapter and submit this online right at the end of the pursuing week. Brief summary papers happen to be due the Friday of the following week. For example , week 1's paperwork will be due the Friday of week 2; week 2's paperwork due the Friday of week a few, and so on. Extension cables will cost you ten features per day (including Saturday and Sunday). Overview paper should be about approximately for five pages extended (not strict), double space, and should sum up well the chapter protected. This brief summary paper ought to help you studying the chapters. You should email me the brief summary on or perhaps before the due date.

Final Conventional paper. During the semester, you will also work with a final daily news, double space, which will probably be 20 – 25 internet pages (not contain References); the topic may incorporate either a) one organ system and lots of diseases which in turn...

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