Essay on Chemistry


1 . Rounding


*0. 1356 (4 significant figures) -> Round answer to 2 significant figures *0. 1356 -> 0. 14

*314. 705 (6 significant figures) -> Rounded number to 4 significant figures. *314. 705 -> 314. several

*0. 0035771 (5 significant figures) -> Rounded to 3 significant figures. *0. 0035771 -> 0. 00358

*500, 000 (1 significant figure) -> Publish this amount to have three or more significant statistics. *500, 500 - a few. 00 by 10^5

*39. 501 -> Rounded to 2 significant figures.

*39, 501 -> 4. 0 x 12

*0. 054961 -> Round to three significant characters.

*0. 054961 -> 5. 55 x 10^-2 or zero. 0550

2 . Addition and Subtraction

*The answer is curved to the same number of fraccion places while the number together with the least quantity of decimal places.


*5. 15 + three or more. 9 = 9. zero

*153. 14 & 75. 099 = 228. 239 -> 228. twenty-four FINAL ROUND ANSWER

*150. 15 - 87. 991 = sixty two. 159 -> 62. of sixteen FINAL ROUNDED ANSWER

three or more. Multiplication and Division

*The solution is curved to the same number of significant figures as the number together with the least volume of significant statistics.


*2. almost eight (2 sej figs) by 1 . 05 (3 sig figs) = 2 . 94 -> installment payments on your 9 LAST ROUNDED ANSWER.

*1. seventy five (3 sej figs) x 35. 01(4 sig figs) = 61. 2675 -> 61. three or more FINAL ROUND ANSWER.


*S. My spouse and i. Units intended for LENGTH, MASS, VOLUME, TEMP, AMOUNT OF SUBSTANCE, and TIME.

*Length - colocar (m)

*Mass - kg (kg)

*Volume - liter (l)

*Temperature - Kelvin (K)

*Amount of Substance - Mole (mol)

*Time - mere seconds (s)


*n -- (nano) -> Meaning -> 10^-9. Nanometer (nm) sama dengan 10^-9m

*M (Micro) -> Meaning -> 10^-6

*m (milli) -> Meaning -> 10^-3

*c (centi) -> Meaning -> 10^-2

*d (deci) -> Meaning -> 10^-1

*K (kilo) -> Meaning -> 10^3

*M (mega) -> Meaning -> 10^6

Example to get homework.

5m x 2m = 10m^2

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March twenty sixth, 2013

" A Boy, A Snake, and an Angel. " by Henry Injure (Study Questions)

1 . Tag Durrance is usually described as a handsome youngster, with blond hair and bright blue eyes. He could be twelve years of age and had just finished Saturday dinner together with his family and absent out together with his BB firearm to plunk at small animals. Likewise, Mark Durrance felt at ease in the distant country, surrounded by vast, wide open land.

2 . Draw landed in something that appeared to full within the pressure of his correct foot. Instantly, Mark experienced an explosion of soreness. At first it had been a numbing crush like an ax becoming slammed down on his foot. Then, a searing fix of furious heat savaged his lower leg. Bobo is known as a medium-sized brindled mutt which has a square, friendly face. Babieca kept darting in and nipping - ten or fifteen times - however the snake wouldn't let go. Then simply Bobo pounced and took into the snake's head, and blood travelled. At that quick, Mark believed the snake release their grip.

3. Although Mark did not know it, the rattlesnake's fangs had shot a massive quantity of venom directly into a vein. The poison was racing through his human body, launching multiple attacks upon his respiratory system, his center, his body's ability to clot blood. It will take a miraculous for the boy to pay 150 meters over difficult terrain and after that mount the steps to his door.

4. Bobby Durance is known as a compact, buff man who have, for a number of years experienced worked in the oil areas. He updates that his son, Mark was around the living-room floors unconscious. Debbie tore for Mark's sneakers and discovered an unattractive, purple pile that seemed to be a grapefruit-size on his right foot. After, Debbie and Bobby twisted a tourniquet around Mark's leg. After that, with their child in their arms, they ran to their passenger truck and became popular at max speed for the health clinic 17 miles aside.

your five. When the is en route to the health clinic, the engine with the car reduces completely, as well as the truck thrown to a quit, still in the road. Bobby jumped out and anxiously waved his arms. Individuals swerved about him. Then simply, one car slammed on its braking. The driver, a Haitian farm worker, spoke no The english language, but this individual understood. This individual...