Challenges Facing Today's Agencies

 Challenges Facing Today’s Agencies Research Paper

Issues Facing Present Organizations

Tamara Alexandre

Organizational Theory and Design

Mr. Harry Downes


An organization is defined as a social device of people, systematically structured and managed to satisfy a need in order to pursue collective goals on the continuing basis. The word business derives from your Greek function organon the industry derivative with the word ergon which translates to mean body organ which is a inner compartment for a specific job. В There are a number of numerous types of organizations within the social framework of this superb country that we live in that enables our world to function and fulfill their particular civic and public tasks. Some examples of such types of organizations consist of charities, non-profit corporations, governments, corporations, schools, non federal government organizations, international organizations, military and any other types of similar companies that cover both the public and sector. You can also get types of organizations which can be known as crossbreed organizations which can be a combination of two of the above such as a combination of a corporate organization plus the government. All organizations have got a managing structure that determines the function and positions of the people they manage. That they delegate roles, responsibilities and authority to handle specific duties. Organizations will be open systems that are afflicted with the environment through which they are in. In the book Images of Corporation the author Gareth Morgan uses different metaphors about how organizations can develop fresh theories and reshape how they are handling their organizations so that they are keeping up with the ever changing universe. With every firm come problems some are bigger than other folks and depending on how you handle the issues that you are facing it can both make or break your business. This daily news will go over the three biggest challenges facing organizations today and offer some tips and solutions in...

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