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The benefits of CrossFit and how it can be used to improve Scottish fitness

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Fitness in Scotland has firmly recently been linked to the not enough physical excitement rates over a daily and weekly basis (National Exercise Strategy, 2003-Present). This report will look with the pros and cons of using Sport fitness to achieve fitness. Generally looking at the field of CrossFit as well as impact on physical fitness in other countries and exactly how this can be applied into Scottish society. Health will be identified and how exercise can be produced more possible through the use of CrossFit. CrossFit by itself will be separated from its business to the current rise of its now acceptance over the world. It will be looked at just how it has employed its brand to create a conspiracy in exercise addicts and just how this inspires others to get involved in exercise. Scotland has a large amount of folks who do not get involved with sport physical recreation, with only 34% of adults taking part in any kind of physical entertainment (excluding walking) at least once each week (Sports involvement in Scotland, 2007). Also notably with a high percentile of this getting Male adults, with SportScotland stating that keep-fit and aerobics progressively declining within the last ten years with adults (Sports participation in Scotland, 2007). Crossfit was seen to become a way in which short high intensity training sessions are able to provide the same effects as hours spent in the gym trying to gain a good level of fitness. Through these kinds of workouts which were created during the last ten years there is a plethora of ways in which to work on power and strength at the same time inside an everyday working person's timetable. With the fast growth of CrossFit it also has become a sport through which people may well compete, adding a fun factor to this method of training and moreover more aiding motivate persons. This qualified prospects onto the cult that may be " CrossFit” and how through this large and ever growing selection of fitness junkies there are competitions and games to remain competitive their fitness against others. With more than 25, 500 individuals engaged in CrossFit situations such as the 2011 online competition (VanHouten, 2012). It is obvious to see there are a number of individuals participating in by doing this of increasing fitness throughout the means of creating fitness on its own into a sport. Literature Review

Essentially CrossFit is the mixture of many different physical movements which range from Olympic Weightlifting exercises to rope rising, thus enabling CrossFit being extremely versatile in creating varied workouts that suit every day movements and physical needs. Where CrossFit differs from most workouts is with durations being of the small amount of time (low volume) plus the intensity becoming of high to very high. This kind of therefore has its benefits for people with time constrained lives who might not have enough several hours in the day time to fit in 1-2 several hours at the gym. So what on earth is health? And how the actual general public lose weight? These are concerns that Crossfit can help offer people with whom are willing to give it a try. Firstly fitness was viewed scientifically as survivability (Kilgore et al, 2011), yet looking at what humans had to do hundreds of years ago compared to the truth of today tremendously changes each of our perspective of ‘what is usually fitness? '. Historically yrs ago humans needed to physically be capable of hunting and everyday work in order to survive, so things such as obesity exactly where not as prevalent as in today. The publication ‘Fit' simply by Kilgore M, Hartman M and Lascek J looks at the non-traditional ways in which to use conventional strategies in order to gain health. Kilgore ou al go through the general belief of what fitness can be and how people have defined fitness through time in the last one hundred year. It looks at how in the beginning exercise was viewed as someone with the...

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