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Aimed Writing: Formatting of a

Institution Magazine Content

december 6th, 2012 simply by admin

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Format of the School Journal Article

Information about institution clubs and societies, institution trips both equally at home and abroad, exchange visits with language pupils, exam results and original contributions drafted open in browser EXPERT version

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by students of all ages.

It can be written by students for students – that is people of about similar age as you may and with almost similar education, backdrop, culture, suggestions and outlook on life as you. It can be like publishing to a many friends all at once

Personalise Substitute ‘I' with ‘We'

Discuss any point you have common with the readers(attitude of parents, school work, friends ….

Be interesting, remember that a lot of the readers are at school with you, they understand the things you know- present details about a different, better angle. College magazine articles or blog posts can be broken into the following distinct sections: TITLE

Always give the article a title and underline this Make it interesting, right from the start show the evaluator that you know what you are doing. Try to think of an efficient, interesting title. Choose a thing opposite/contrast to the article. An effective introduction starts with a question to involve your readers and motivates them to keep reading. Example: Are you one of the many students with exam nerves?

Sentences should be perfectly linked through transition words The points should be properly structured in your article as you do in essay producing.

filed beneath: school journal article, scholar resources, tutor resources labeled with: article marketing. c, described writing, gce english language paper 1123, news, um level english language, o-level educators and pupil, paper 1, school magazine article, educating resource

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