DNS and DHCP Dissertation

Edward Gray



Assignment 1

DNS and DHCP can make a system administrator's life less complicated and less difficult. Fortunately, the protocols are incredibly flexible that they can be integrated either jointly or separately depending on the size and setup of your business network. Thus whether you have 5 or perhaps 5000 computer systems in your network this would be justifiable action because of the following reasons: Looking up IP addresses can be quite a nightmare if you have more than a couple to remember For those who have network-enabled ink jet printers, unless you lock the talk about, it will alter every time you detach the printer from the network. This can be really frustrating for the users. For those who have more than a small number of machines, then you should be looking at implementing DNS in addition to DCHP. There are numerous of ways to implement DNS in-house with regards to the specifics from the company personal computers architecture. The option depends on the readily available skills inside your shop as well as the network configuration. One good thing regarding implementing DNS is that when it is set up, it just about runs without much need for human being intervention. This means that in the event you hire a consultant to perform the initial configuration, you only ought to maintain the services with a minimum of skills and resources. I found two choices for configuring the service applying Microsoft Lively Directory or (the hottest possibility) investing in a DNS/DHCP services appliance. What ever implementation you choose, once it can be configured, the very best DNS/DHCP hardware reliably blinks and provides IP tackles and host names with your network by minimal price and productivity.

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