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Characters and settings available Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman help the reader to understand the themes and problems in Afghanistan. The topics of battle, freedom, oppression and expect are particularly show through the personas of Jamal and his mother and through the settings of Afghanistan plus the boat. This book is crafted in first person point of view, which in turn helps you to understand just how war influences children and just how women are treated in Afghanistan.

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The character Jamal shows the effect of war on children through his lifestyle in Afghanistan. This is display when Jamal says " There's no smoking or neurological gas or sandstorms. We can't also hear any explosions. Which is really good. ” Pg1 This quote features the effect of war on the kids through the language Jamal uses which demonstrates it is a regular occurance. The boo reveals the reader how war features effected kids in Afghanistan and helps the reader to understand that more since it is from a child's standpoint. The publication has shown you how difficult life is for the children and the conditions that they live in, in Afghanistan.

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The character of Jamal's mother reveals the effect of freedom and oppression through her day to day life as a woman in Afghanistan. This is shown through the estimate " Girls playing soccer is a crime. I say. Practically as big as mum and daddy running a great illegal institution. ” This quote displays how Jamal's mother is definitely running a great illegal university as the us government does not allow women to be teachers. This really is shown through the restrictions your woman faces that this government have made rules. The book indicates the reader what life is like for the ladies living in Afghanistan and how tough the government are towards girls. It has likewise shown someone how hardly any rites ladies have and how many rites men have when compared with women.

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The placing of the boat shows the theme wish through the difficulties Jamal, Bibi and their good friends face. This could...

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