Analysis of the Placing in Domby and Child by Charles Dickens

 Analysis of the Setting in Domby and Son by Charles Dickens Essay

The prevailing atmosphere of the textual content is gloomy and unsatisfactory, and the feelings is devious and uninspiring. Lexico-semantic groups of words that really help in creating the mood of the text: 5. Dark (blackened, shady, grubby, twilight)

5. Grey (smoke-dried, gaunt, invisible, dismal)

* Death (murders, funeral, dead, buried)

5. Dreadful (awful, monstrous, ghastly, grim)

To create the depressing atmosphere with the outside of the home, Dickens uses such shade adjectives since ‘blackened', ‘white' (mice) and ‘grey', and epithets ‘tall', ‘dark', ‘dreadfully', ‘shady'. The epithet ‘dark' is repeated several times and accentuates the overall mood in the text. The application of ‘dismal', ‘smoke-dried', ‘gaunt' stresses the idea of reticence, secretiveness. The contents of the text will be conveyed in visual terms, so the personifications ‘barred windows' and ‘crooked-eyed' produce the effect of a menacing presence increased by the words and phrases ‘frown' and ‘leer'. The image of two gaunt trees and shrubs combines visual and audial effects performed by the onomatopoeia (‘rattled instead of rustled') and colour adjectives ‘blackened', ‘smoke-dried'. This graphic symbolizes loss of life and the absence of emotions. The distinctive simile between the ‘chandelier' and ‘vault', expressed by comparison ‘a monstrous tear', challenges the significance of dampness which is linked with the hopeless atmosphere in the passage. At first of the textual content, the author's vision pots and pans with gregario curiosity over the wide potential customer, then accentuates various details which gradually merge in distinct patterns. The key phrase ‘eng papered up in publications, daily and weekly, obtruded fragmentary accounts of fatalities and awful murders' contributes majorly towards the general theme of the text, and ‘picture-frame of ghastly bandages' adds to the scary impression of the description. There may be an element of personification which makes a morbid nostalgic: ‘some fragments of the hay that had been covered before the residence when she was unwell, mildewed...

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