Forensic Science

 Forensic Science Essay

What is the NIBIN?

It is The National Integrated Ballistic Info Network, which is a computer network used to have images of retrieved ballistic data. 2 . What is rifling? What two types of markings does this produce? Rifling is given spiral grooves by manufacturer. The two types will be grooves and lands. three or more. What is a length determination? How is this carried out?

The process of calculating the distance between where a shot is fired and its goal. It is done by looking at the patterns of powder residue and the shot pattern. 4. What is the Greiss Test out?

A test out that uses chemicals to assist develop weapon powder residue patterns. five. When a topic is recovered, how would it be marked pertaining to identification functions? What should be avoided? Most commonly it is marked with the investigators' inventeur. You should not indicate the factors of the bullet and make sure which the mark will not cover virtually any striations or perhaps markings around the bullet. Important Thinking Questions

1 . In the event you found a firearm for a crime landscape, what steps would you take in order to travel the weapon to the lab? I would pick it up by the bring about (and make certain that I are not possibly harming any evidence) and transport that as carefully and safely and securely as I can easily. Why do you think it might be useful to know the length between a gun fired as well as its target? To be able to know in which a person was standing when the gun was fired of course, if a person's account adds up. Also in order to find where the shooter was standing or perhaps where we were holding in case they may be by a camera. 3. If you were in charge of retrieving bullets in a crime landscape, what methods would you take to retrieve a bullet and take it to the criminal offense lab? We would find a way to preserve the bullet without harming the evidence. Then place the bullet within a marked textbox as well as then transport the bullet into a crime lab. Where the bullet will be twisted in tissue paper and placed in a great envelope. four. What are a few of the challenges in analyzing instrument marks?

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