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Residence > Vol 30, No 3/4 (2010) > Hiranandani

Disability, Financial Globalization and Privatization: A Case Study of India Vanmala Hiranandani

Connect Professor-cum-Deputy Movie director

Center intended for the Study of Sociable Exclusion and Inclusive Procedures SNDT Women's University

Mumbai, India

Email: [email protected] com

Deepa Sonpal

Program Planner

UNNATI Organization for Creation Education

Gujarat, India

Email-based: [email protected] com


handicap; privatization; India-economic reforms; intercontinental development


People with afflictions are one of the most disenfranchised teams in India. Standardized measurements of disability in India and internationally have forgotten the cordons between the economic system and incapacity. In recent years, neo-liberal financial reforms imposed in growing countries, pressurized from foreign financial institutions, have got downsized express role, privatized social products, and encouraged export-led approaches and market-based economics. India's economic reconstructs, initiated 20 years ago, have led to rapid economic growth that may be, however , progressively mal-distributed.

This kind of paper investigates the effects of economic restructuring inside the arenas of social applications, education, career, accessibility, wellness, agriculture and food reliability, and drinking water and property acquisition via a handicap perspective. Each of our analysis demonstrates that while elevated employment opportunities and accessibility have benefitted middle-class and highly-skilled disabled persons, the majority of people with disabilities have been left out of India's monetary affluence. We all contend that India's globalized economy and reduced state role need renewed understanding of human privileges, including disability rights.


Recent estimations suggest 85-90% of the global population of persons with disabilities lives in apparent developing countries. The United Nations estimated that more than 1 ) 3 billion people live in abject poverty in the global South, 600 million that are incapable (Yeo, 2005). Thus, most people with disabilities in the To the south are not only poor, but they are among the poorest of the poor. In India, you will find no crystal clear estimates of the number of folks with problems. Concerns persist that, provided the judgment surrounding disability, many individuals with severe impairments, mainly women and rural impaired, are omitted from census and surveys (Jeffery & Singal, 2008).

Moreover, large-scale government research as well as the majority of small-scale study in India has overlooked the impact of economic globalization in the form of changing roles in the state plus the market on the lives of men and women with afflictions. The media hype about India's recent financial growth morne the existed realities of spiraling inequality, the suffering welfare express, and the developing misery from the poor. As the state withdraws from the service sector, access to basic requirements such as education, health, work, and foodstuff and normal water security has become increasingly challenging for prone populations (Bhaduri, 2008). Little critical examination of financial globalization and privatization exists from a disability legal rights perspective.

Using India as being a case study, this kind of paper analyzes privatization and the state's renonciation of responsibility for vital services and their implications pertaining to disability, especially the distribution of chronic illnesses and impairments. A few of the ramifications of globalization and the privatization to get human privileges, including incapacity rights, are discussed, which underscores the necessity to re-visit the idea of individual...

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