Hiv and Aids Education

 Hiv and Aids Education Essay

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BESE-065: HIV AND AIDS EDUCATION -2013 Offered by Answer this questions i) Briefly make clear the need and importance of HIV and AIDS education. ( 250 words)

There are 3 main reasons to get AIDS education, the initially which is to stop new infections via taking place. This could be seen as consisting of two techniques: Giving people information about HIV - what HIV and AIDS happen to be, how they happen to be transmitted, and just how people can protect themselves from disease. Teaching people how to put this information to use and do something about it pretty much - ways to get and make use of condoms, the right way to suggest and practice safer sex, how to prevent infection in a medical environment or when injecting prescription drugs. A second reason that HELPS education is required is to improve quality of life intended for HIV confident people. All too often, AIDS education is seen as staying something which ought to be targeted just at those people who are not attacked with HIV in order to stop them from becoming contaminated. When AIDS education with HIV confident people is considered at all it truly is frequently seen only regarding preventing fresh attacks by educating HIV+ people about the importance of not really passing within the virus. A significant and commonly-neglected aspect of SUPPORTS education with HIV positive people is definitely enabling and empowering them to improve their quality lifestyle. HIV positive people have differing educational requires, but most notable are the need to be able to get medical solutions and drug provision and the need to be able to find appropriate psychological and useful support and help The third explanation people need ASSISTS education is always to reduce judgment and discrimination. In many countries there exists a great deal of fear and stigmatization of people who are HIV great. This fear is too generally accompanied by ignorance, resentment and ultimately, anger. Sometimes the results of prejudice and fear could be extreme, with HIV great people becoming burned to death in India, and many families having to leave their homes across the Usa when 1






Even if education were entirely successful, it could still have being an ongoing procedure - each generation a new generation of folks become mature and need to find out how to try to avoid infection. The older decades, who have with any luck , already been informed, may need the message reinforced, and need to be kept knowledgeable, so that they have the ability to protect themselves and inform the younger.

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Each year there are more and more new HIV infections, which will shows that people either aren't learning the message about the dangers of HIV, or are unable or perhaps unwilling to behave on it. Many people are dangerously uninformed about the virus - a survey found just lately that a third of teenagers thought there was a 'cure' for SUPPORTS. Education is an important component of preventing the distributed of HIV.

Visit to download more resolved assignments! neighbours discover a family-member's positive position. Discrimination against positive people can help the AIDS pandemic to propagate - if perhaps people are anxious of being examined for HIV, then they are more inclined to pass chlamydia to someone else without knowing. Who have needs to be educated? Anyone who is vulnerable to AIDS, many everyone is weak, unless that they know how to safeguard themselves. It's not only young people, treating drug users or gay and lesbian men whom become afflicted - the virus provides affected a cross-section of society. Because of this education ought to be aimed at all the parts of culture, not only individuals groups who also are seen as being particularly high-risk. It is almost all very well to teach young people nevertheless it's usually adults who become infected, and in recent years there is very little ASSISTS education geared towards adults. The people who are most urgently in need of HIV education will be those who believe they're certainly not at risk. Those who not yet been well-informed and may be at risk of turning into...

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