Julia's Meals Booth

 Julia’s Meals Booth Article

Complete the " Julia's Food Booth" case trouble on page 109 of the textual content. Address each of the issues A - Deb according the instructions given.

(A) Make and solve an M. P. style for this circumstance.

(B) Evaluate the prospect of credit money ahead of the first video game. (C) Evaluate the prospect of paying an associate $100/game to assist. (D) Evaluate the impact of uncertainties around the model.

The assignment will probably be graded using the associated rubric.

Outcome Evaluated:

Produce sensitivity examination on linear programming model parameters Speak issues a manager Science

Grading Rubric intended for Assignment -- Assignment #4 Case Problem

There are 12 points in each of the five criteria for any total of 60 details possible Criteria 0 Unsatisfactory (0 points) 1 Producing (6 points) 2 Qualified (9 points) 3 Exemplary (12 points) 1 . Produce an LP model with this case. (Part A). Did not submit or perhaps LP style is not sufficiently experimented with and does not show a. well-known attempt to style this case. LP model can be partially right, but provides errors in the objective function or constraints. Described with 70 -- 79% precision, clarity, and completeness. LP model provides objective function and most restrictions correctly specific. Described with 80 - 89% reliability, clarity, and completeness. LP model offers objective function and all constraints fully and correctly specific. Described with 90 -- 100% precision, clarity, and completeness. installment payments on your Solve the linear coding model developed in Qualifying criterion 1 (Part A) Would not submit or did not resolve the geradlinig programming model accurately. Solved the geradlinig programming unit with 70 - 79% accuracy. Fixed the geradlinig programming style with 70 - 89% accuracy. Fixed the thready programming style with 85 - 100% accuracy. 3. Evaluate the prospective client of asking for money prior to the first game. (Part B). Did not fill in or did not evaluate effectively. Evaluated and explained with 70 - 79% accuracy and reliability. Evaluated and explained...

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