Managerial Function Of Hotel Organization

 Managerial Function Of Motel Business Article

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Report upon Managerial Functions of an existing Hotel Organization. Selected Hotel

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A Brief Advantages Of Lakeshore


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Professional Summary

Lakeshore hotel is among the most well-liked 4 star hotels of Bangladesh. Every one of the 4 superstar facilities are normally found in Lakeshore Hotel which will meets the international level. Lakeshore Lodge is situated near the Gulshan Lake, the most visible and well-known place which can be known by simply all. And that is why the name of the motel is Lakeshore Hotel. The key targeted customers of Lakeshore Hotel are the corporate persons and firms of Bangladesh as well as of other countries. People who originate from abroad they generally have to stay here for longer for their organization purpose and lakeshore may be the Hotel which offers higher and modern establishments to the customer. Lakeshore Hotel is currently a four star hotel in Bangladesh. As a 4 star hotel they have to maintain a standard of their services. Buyers prefer this hotel for the others. There are many reasons behind that. The main reason is the fact all the rooms of this hotel are designed in apartment approach so that client can stay here for an extended period as their residence. Another Reason is the fact customers feel comfortable here mainly because Lakeshore resort offers very luxurious items in the room. Accessibility to apartment type rooms might one of the best factors behind preferring Lakeshore.

On the other hand Gulshan is a diplomatic area and Lakeshore Resort was established in charge of positioning and building up it is reputation excessive. Another job of Lakeshore has been used by the owner of the hotel in Gulshan #2 named " Six Periods Hotel" beside the former Wonderland amusement park. They hope that will be an additional wonder of architecture. On the other hand Lakeshore hotel targets the top class category of our contemporary society. Their goal is to generate upper class family as their frequent customer. Besides they pay attention to the other classes like upper Upper, Upper Middle and Upper Reduce class persons of Bangladesh. At Lakeshore, a contemporary design and style and modern luxury amenities - including a caribbean temperature-controlled pool, modern work out center, spa, sauna, and steam bath together with gorgeous lake perspective experience. Through this report we now have described the SWOT examination, Porter's Generic Strategy and Synergy, the company's management style which includes preparing, organizing strategy, leadership design, how they motivate their workers etc . and CSR methods.



A Brief Advantages of Lakeshore

Mr. Kazi Shamsul Hauque, the Chief of

Lakeshore hotel plus the council basic of KISIKISTAN

started the business when he accustomed to own a guesthouse named

Golden Goose. After this, using the this motel business along with his sons. This can be a family business and it has achieved the success of the claims in a serious short period of your time. It has likewise achieved a large number of awards and among these kinds of it has accomplished the best hospitality award. The restaurant in Lakeshore hotel is also called as Golden contact.

Renowned for our nice hospitality, secure living and fine cuisine, Lakeshore offers spacious, lavishly appointed rooms ideal for the discerning worldwide business and leisure traveler. Only ten kilometers coming from International airport, diplomatic zone, shopping malls, multinationals and other local sights, Lakeshore Resort is the ideal spot to enjoy every Dhaka has to offer. Their hospitality begins in the...

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