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Q1. ) Ought to Nike change from a focus on celebrities to a focus on its products in its advertising? Discuss the function of marketing research in helping the Nike administration to make this decision. The type of study should be undertaken?

Answer: -- Yes, it will change their focus via celebrities to its merchandise as we can easily see that the Nike Socks was a run away success in U. K and U. T. Marketing analysis will help Nike management to discover eh success of famous people focused adds to product feature adds. Descriptive research should be undertaken as it provides a conclusive result.

Q2. ) Go over the obtaining behavior of consumer with respect to athletic shoes or boots.

Answer: -

People buy points for apparent and invisible reasons. В The importance of the product determines how much thought and energy into the purchase. For instance ordering behavior of athletic shoes will be different to get serious sports athletics and various for various other consumers. Athletic footwear may be categorized into 3 types:

Athleisure sama dengan Casual athletic styles, canvas, suede, and so forth

Recreational Footwear = Hunting, Fishing. Drinking water boot etc .

Sports based = The game of golf, Basketball, Sports etc .

There are essential factors that consumers take into consideration before purchasing a fresh pair of Athleisure shoes.  Stability—the shoes or boots should have a balanced and protect feel through range of motion. Flexibility—the shoes should allow for an excellent degree of offer at the basic of the foot, providing smooth motion. Comfort—walking shoes should comprise contours and support conformed strongly to the feet, providing a tight fit on the heel and midfoot, with...

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