Marketing Composition

Chapter 1: Identifying Marketing pertaining to the 21st Century


Good marketing is no accident, nevertheless a result of very careful planning and ________. a. execution m. selling c. strategies deb. tactics electronic. research Solution: a Page: 4 Level of difficulty: Medium 1 .

Marketing is usually both an " art” and a " science”—there is frequent tension involving the formulated part of marketing as well as the ________ aspect. a. creative b. offering c. administration d. predicting e. behavior Answer: a website: 4 Standard of difficulty: Easy 2 .

One of the most formal meaning of marketing is definitely ________. a. meeting requirements profitably m. identifying and meeting human and cultural needs c. the 4Ps (Product, Selling price, Place, Promotion) d. a great organizational function and a couple of processes for producing, communicating, and delivering, benefit to buyers, and for handling customer human relationships in ways that benefit the corporation and its stake holders. elizabeth. improving the quality of life to get consumers Response: d Webpage: 6 Degree of difficulty: Medium 3.

Marketing management can be ________. a. managing the marketing procedure b. monitoring the profitability with the companies products c. choosing target markets d. growing marketing strategies to advance the company ahead e. the art and science of choosing target market segments and getting, keeping, and developing customers through creating, providing, and interacting superior consumer value Answer: e Page: 6 Level of difficulty: Convenient 4.


Part 1: Understanding Marketing Management

A transaction requires ________. a. at least two parties b. every party offers something that might be of value for the other party c. each get together is capable of communication and delivery deb. each get together is liberated to accept or reject the exchange offer e. all of the above Solution: e Internet pages: 6–7 Level of difficulty: Medium 5.

6. ________ goods constitute the bulk of most countries' production and marketing attempts. a. Long lasting b. Behavioral instinct c. Physical d. Assistance e. Celebration Answer: c Page: almost eight Level of problems: Medium ________ can be created and marketed as a product. a. Data b. Celebrities c. Durable goods m. Organizations elizabeth. Properties Answer: a Page: being unfaithful Level of problems: Medium six.

Charles Revson of Revlon observed: " In the manufacturer, we make cosmetics; shopping, ________. ” a. we make income b. we challenge competitors c. all of us implement advertising d. we all sell wish e. all of us sell quality Answer: d Page: 9 Level of problems: Easy eight.

A ________ is someone seeking a reply (attention, a selection, a election, a donation) from one other party, called the ________. a. salesman, customer m. fund raiser, contributor c. politician, voter d. marketer, prospect at the. celebrity, audience Answer: deb Page: 12 Level of difficulty: Hard on the lookout for.


Section 1: Determining Marketing for the modern world 10. In ________—consumers might share a solid need that cannot be pleased by an

existing merchandise. a. adverse demand m. latent demand c. declining demand g. irregular require e. non-existent demand Response: b Webpage: 10 a. latent demand b. infrequent demand c. overfull require d. excessive e. negative demand Solution: c Site: 10 a. people m. buying electricity c. market segment g. social class position elizabeth. market Answer: e Webpage: 10

Level of difficulty: Method

11. In ________—more consumers would like to get the product than can be satisfied.

Level of difficulty: Medium

doze. Marketers often use the term ________ to cover various groups of customers.

Standard of difficulty: Hard

13. Corporations selling mass consumer services and goods such as carbonated drinks, cosmetics,

air travel, and athletic shoes and products spend quite a lot of time aiming to establish a excellent brand picture in market segments called ________. a. business markets b. global market segments c. buyer markets g. nonprofit and governmental market segments e. service markets Solution: c Webpage: 11 Amount of difficulty: Medium 14. In operation markets, promoting can play a role, but a stronger part may be played...

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