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Organic and natural Cotton Creation - III


06 1996


Organic Organic cotton Production -- III

In previous content published in THE ICAC RECORDER or shown at numerous international group meetings, we have attempted to gather figures on organic cotton region, production and yield, and collect information concerning certifying agencies. Moreover, we now have tried to discover various crucial issues to be considered by researchers and organic natural cotton producers. Organic cotton creation is not merely an elimination of fertilizers and insecticides but it is a complete production program which requires equally appear knowledge of silk cotton production practices. With respect to bug control specifically, a thorough understanding of non-chemical means of insect control is a pre-requisite for organic and natural production. Sadly, complete information on many aspects of organic production is unavailable at one particular place and even in some cases the concerned authorities are not willing to share information. Here is info another hard work by the Technological Information Part of ICAC to supply additional information upon organic cotton, admitting that it is not complete and that a lot more could be added. IMO Institute for Marketecology Textile Department Paradiesstrasse 13 D-78462 Konstanz Germany Phone: 49-7531-915275 Fax: 49-7531-915276


Australia provides high pest pressure and cotton production is all mechanical. Although average yields are the highest on the globe, lack of financial aid from the authorities often renders cotton production an expensive organization. Australian maqui berry farmers cannot afford to minimize yields simply by any significant margin, which is unavoidable below organic creation conditions. Organic and natural cotton development in the last couple of years has been as follows: Organic Cotton Production nationwide Item Location in hectares Production in MT Typical yield in kg/ha 1994/95 1000 750 750 1995/96 500 400 800

Organic Cotton Applications in Various Countries

It is estimated that little over 8, 000 hectares of organic cotton happen to be grown in a variety of countries, the united states being the biggest producer in the world. Organic cotton is also said to be produced in Peru, Australia, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, Greece, India, Nicaragua, Republic of paraguay, Peru, Sénégal, Tanzania, Turkey and Uganda. Attempts are also made to grow it in Benin. Nevertheless , organic natural cotton is made on a commercial scale only in the USA. For most countries, it can be produced in small , and supervised tasks, most of which get monetary, technical or perhaps supervisory support from worldwide organizations and companies. Nicaragua has offered some specialized help to Republic of ecuador for starting organic organic cotton production projects since the 1995 crop time. The German born Agency pertaining to Development Assistance (GTZ) and BoWeevil of Holland take part in many projects in different countries. A number of nationwide and worldwide meetings have been completely held to switch information on organic and natural cotton development, processing and utilization. The International Federation for Organic Agriculture Activity (IFOAM), situated in Germany, organized the 1st International Conference on Organic Cotton in Cairo, Egypt, from Sept 23-25, 93, which was focused around problems related to creation practices to get organic silk cotton. Now, the IFOAM can be planning to have Second International Conference on Organic Textiles in Bingen, Germany, coming from September 23-26, 1996. On this occasion, organizers want to publish an International Organic Linen Directory that may include a set of eco-textile corporations and a brief description of agricultural assignments including background, organizations engaged, fiber top quality, etc . Additional information on the meeting can be obtained from the following addresses:

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