Organizational Behavior

 Organizational Patterns Research Conventional paper

Question Not any: 1В В В ( Marks: 1 )В В В - Please choose one

Which one with the following can be not viewed as a part of organizational output?

в–єВ Finished goods

в–єВ Services

в–єВ Dividends

в–єВ Capital

Question No: 2В В В ( Marks: you )В В В -- Please select one

Which with the following is not one of the types of attitude?

в–єВ Job pleasure

в–єВ Job Engagement

в–єВ Organizational Tendencies

в–єВ Organizational determination


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Question No: 3В В В ( Marks: you )В В В -- Please select one

Which with the following is definitely NOT included inside the ways employees can exhibit dissatisfaction?

в–єВ Exit

в–єВ Voice

в–єВ Loyalty

в–єВ Noise

Problem No: 4В В В ( Signifies: 1 )В В В - Make sure you choose one

Which dimension with the Big Five model makes reference toВ be nice and covering in social situations?

в–єВ Extroversion

в–єВ Openness to see

в–єВ Emotional stableness

в–єВ Agreeableness

Query No: 5В В В ( Marks: 1 )В В В - You should choose one

Which usually of the following isВ NOTВ a important component of psychological intelligence?

в–єВ Self-awareness

в–єВ Self-management

в–єВ Commitment

в–єВ Empathy

Issue No: 6В В В ( Signifies: 1 )В В В - Make sure you choose one

What effect will stress routinely have on feelings?

в–єВ Positive

в–єВ Negative

в–єВ Unbiased

в–єВ No effect

Question No: 7В В В ( Represents: 1 )В В В - You should choose one

Not necessarily possible for Mr. Asim to understand everything he sees, this individual notices a few of the things, we could say that this individual engages in:

в–єВ Assimilating

в–єВ Selective understanding

в–єВ Halo Impact

в–єВ Target Understanding

Question Simply no: 8В В В ( Marks: one particular )В В В -- Please select one

The most famous theory of motivation can be Abraham Maslow's _______________.

в–єВ Theories x and y

в–єВ Hierarchy of requirements

в–єВ Goal placing theory

в–єВ Equity theory


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Question Simply no: 9В В В ( Marks: 1 )В В В - Please choose one

Our inbuilt desire for personal development is included in Alderfer's _____________ needs.

в–єВ Existence

в–єВ Relatedness

в–єВ Esteem

в–єВ Growth

Query No: 10В В В ( Marks: 1 )В В В - You should choose one

Which usually of the following isВ NOTВ an essential issue in relation to goal-setting theory?

в–єВ Defining the goal

в–єВ Goal difficulty

в–єВ Goal specificity

в–єВ Equity among co-office workers

Question Zero: 11В В В ( Marks: you )В В В -- Please choose one

What sort of strategy is a company-established benefit strategy where employees acquire inventory as part of there are many benefits?

в–єВ MBO program

в–єВ Gain writing plan

в–єВ Employee stock title plan

в–єВ Piece-rate plan

Problem No: 12В В В ( Markings: 1 )В В В - Please choose one

What happens in the second stage of group development?

в–єВ Close relationships are produced

в–єВ The group demonstrates cohesiveness

в–єВ Intra-group discord often occurs

в–єВ The work task is performed


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Question Zero: 13В В В ( Marks: you )В В В - Please choose one

Which from the following is among the drawbacks of group making decisions?

в–єВ More know-how through pooling of group resources

в–єВ More amount of time is required to make a decision

в–єВ Increased acceptance & commitment because of voice in decisions

в–єВ Greater understanding as a result of involvement in decision phases

Question Zero: 14В В В ( Marks: 1 )В В В -- Please select one

Which with the following is definitely traditionally and then the formal channels of communication inside an organization?

в–єВ Authority chain...

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