Personal Values Statement

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Personal Ethics Statement

Getting raised through generations of traditional Catholics, I was instilled with a large number of good ethical values which has given us a good perspective on my personal ethics and what I believe that. I have constantly heard the golden guideline from my family, " do unto others as you may have them performed unto you”, and that offers always stuck in my mind and is also what I strive for. My desired lens is Rights, Responsibility and Romance. According to my favored lens I personally use reasoning skills to determine both universal rules that each person should adhere to and the operations that will make sure fairness and justice for any in my community. I do think that in order to have good communities we should follow the guidelines and laws set to ensure that we can do well. Without having established boundaries there is complete damage.

My strength is being good and liable. I try to always give everyone a chance as long as they are really doing what exactly they are suppose to. I i am very devoted and will constantly do what I say I am going to do. In my opinion that whenever we all served in a accountable manner and follow the guidelines there would be interpersonal balance and everybody would have the opportunity for success. However with the belief that everybody has to do points my approach and follow the rules, I can be a little bit judgmental even though I am trying to help. While just simply having most of intentions I can create even more problems for others because I would like them to follow my method of doing things, which is my blind area.

My core values are important to me. I actually value a person who is good and dependable and gets the drive to achieve success within the restrictions that are allowed. I believe that rules exist for a purpose and connect with everyone. Even though I have solid values, I will sometimes expect too much of other folks. When they are unable to meet my expectations they turn to be frustrated, it will cause them to continue to keep their distance.

In conclusion I think if I can look at a situation clearly,...

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