Essay about Piagets Approach to Children



Piaget: The Preoperational Kid

I countless a six year old girl named Lyla. When I asked Lyla " What holds the sun up in the skies? ”, she replied, " nothing. ” When I asked her " Why do trees include leaves? ”, she responded, " My spouse and i don't know. ” When I asked Lyla " Why does that rain? ”, she responded, " Thus we can have got water, duh! ”. Inside the conservation of liquid process, I place two very clear solo cups on a counter and I filled them evenly with fruit punch, I had a clear vacant vase privately. I asked Lyla, " Carry out both cups have the same quantity of impact in all of them? ”, your woman replied, " Yes”. Then i poured the punch away of one cup into the classic vase, as Lyla observed. Then i asked Lyla, " Will the vase have similar amount of punch as the mugs? ”, your woman said " NO! ”, I then asked why, and she replied, " The vase offers waaaaay more because it's taller, and it gives that more. ” I then put the smacked in the flower vase back into a clear solo cup and I asked Lyla, " What about at this point? ”, and she said, " Right now it's the same again! ”, she thought it was really cool! After this try things out I did the conservation of number task. I put two lines of ten skittles in front of Lyla. The skittles in both rows had been exactly the same, they'd the same color, size, shape, and distance apart. I asked Lyla, " Are both rows the same? ”, and your woman replied, " Yep! ”. Then I propagate one row of skittles out so that it became longer than the other one. Specialists Lyla, " Which row has more now? ”, the lady pointed with the longer one particular. I asked, " Why is that? ” and the lady responded, " Because the greater one has more! ” I am not a firm believer of Piaget' level of preoperational thought. A few children will vary personalities and different environments, which cause them to work and think different. Lyla has an 8-10 year old sister that affects her considerably, Lyla generally copies her sister and has a older personality on her behalf age. Though Piagets theory is very accurate, not every children could have the same response,...