Essay about Prayer for any Happy Fatality

Plea for A Happy Death

Almighty God, Each of our Father in Heaven

You that provided the life to my opinion.

You also have the justification to take it in return away from me.

Thank you for the life that I obtained to you,

Since I understand what my quest in this world.

To God, if the day happens

that you will consider my life.

Let me not asking you " how come me? ”

Instead I will delightly Acknowledge it.

Almighty God, as I leave in this world,

Please guide my Family and Friends to accept my fatality.

Help them to cherish all of the good and bad thoughts

that we've shared when I was alive.

Let them mourn and cried personally for a while,

but help and give them the skills that they require,

to continue their very own lives with no me.

To God, the creator of your life,

They don't let my own sad loss

Let them know,

Just how happy We am backed by you.

Inform them how much happiness,

They generated within my life.

Inform them that I will be happy,

In the event they continue the good that I made once i was living.

Let them pray for my own soul,

As I continue to pray for their security.

O our god please help them to remove,

the worry to confront their fatality.

Provide them with wisdom that dealing with fatality should not be feared, But become delight mainly because finally we can see the father who also created us.

Please information them to the actual right point,

And be towards you lord.

You who suppose our desprovisto and the Savior of the world.

You just knows almost everything.

Please guide them from evil.

Almighty God, The Father in Heaven

You will be my deliverer

Who I actually trust you

Lord, I've given you living

I want to thank loving myself your child


Prayer for a Happy Death