Essay about Professional Presence Unit 2


Unit 2 Job

Mark Everhart

Kaplan University

CS204: Specialist Presence

Prof: Steven Foster, TBA Staff 042

April 29, 2014

Through this paper I am going to be describing the Information Technology dress clothes. I will be discussing what made the individual professional. I will also be talking about position that I decide to go into plus the attire that we have to wear while in that career discipline. I am going to be discussing the actual me a specialist and the things i learned by week 1 )

I chose to discuss the Information Technology and the ladies dress clothing. This individual came out as if she was wearing casual clothing. According to the info it all depends upon what dress code that your business has in place. The lady inside the picture seemed to be dress professional. Her frizzy hair was neat, nice costume shirt, simply no over obsessive rings or perhaps bracelets. This individual had to be knowledgeable about their profession. She required good communication skills. Your woman was likewise put under pressure to meet deadlines. With all of this kind of being said, she continue to had a smile on her deal with as if the girl were happy.

Position field that I am considering entering into may be the Health Information Technology field. The appropriate attire to get my job is everyday dress attire. This means that khaki pants happen to be authorized. Punta or press button up shirts. No some unattractive haircuts. Tattoos are restricted and has to be covered up (University of Nebraska The hospital, 2014). A professional in my profession field is definitely someone who can do their job with extreme skills. They have to have medical expertise and understand the biology and anatomy of the human body. They have to be able to stimulate themselves and move in a timely method.

I believe that I i am a professional. We am in a position to dress and talk like a professional. I possess all the attire of that is necessary to perform inside my current discipline. I i am confident and believe in the attention to detail. I have all the necessary expertise to become a...