Racism and C. p. Ellis

 Essay about Racism and C. l. Ellis

Why racism will never end: prejudices are caused by misfortunes.

Racism and prejudice usually existed in human history. Becoming a taboo subject matter and a controversial theme, many persons possess tried to clarify and find the reason to such human habit towards one more group of people. These kinds of researches are definitely the hope of several to see the racial discrimination finishing. Vincent In. Parillo, through his dissertation " Reasons for Prejudice” tries to explain the reason why of racism and splendour in the U. S. Parillo divides his essay in two parts, one intended for the psychological causes and one pertaining to the social reasons. In the first part, Parillo cites the main internal causes because: levels of prejudices (cognitive, mental and action-oriented), self-justification, personality and stress. In the second part he deals with the social causes which are: socialization, economic competition and social norms. For every single cause he gives strong arguments depending on historical details or even real facts and statistics which usually made his essay trustworthy.

Buttons Terkel's essay " C. P. Ellis” is another sort of writing which can help us to understand the causes of prejudices. Terkel tells us the story of C. G. Ellis, a former Klansmen who claims he's no longer racist. C. P. Ellis is known as a white guy from a low-income course. The numerous wrong doings of his life can lead him to become a Ku Klux Klan member. Yet after a few events could happen in his lifestyle, he will understand that races tend not to a person that different from another. This kind of thought is going to progressively acquire him out of racism. Ellis will even accept to work alongside Ann Atwater, a dark woman, on the grant job. This kind of actual life story can assist us realise why people turn into racist and have absolutely prejudice against another group.

C. P. Ellis's story allows us to look at the factors in his life that make him become a Ku Klux Klan member and leader. Based upon Parillo's dissertation we will endeavour to see in Ellis' history if the causes of his racism fit Parillo's concepts of what is causing prejudice. Quite simply, we will see if the psychological and social causes of racism can give us all the solutions to ethnic discrimination patterns. Looking at Parillo's essay, the psychological causes of prejudices that happen to be frustration and low self esteem, and a social cause such as economic competition, can easily explain C. P. Ellis' racist patterns.

Looking at his years as a child, Ellis originates from a low-income family. Because he was poor, his outfits were not suitable and having been humiliated simply by his classmates. Ellis felt like he was poor comparing towards the others. In seventeen, his father passed away and he previously to function to support his family. He worked by a gas station, did marry and had 4 children. One of his children was retarded and blind, which cost Ellis far more money to get the care. Then he took credit to buy the gas train station, but 8 weeks before the end of the repayment, he got a heart attack and would not make the pay back. All this misfortunes made him really discouraged. As a consequence, Ellis started to fault the dark people to get his misfortune. In fact , Parillo explains in the essay that " let-downs tend to increase aggression toward others” (583). Moreover he admits that that " the discouraged individual or group usually redirects anger against a much more visible, vulnerable, and socially sanctioned target” (583). This is just what happens when Ellis says " I don't know whom to blame. I actually tried to attached to somebody. I began to blame it about black persons. I had to hate somebody” (593). Ellis felt that he had to discover a way to redirects his frustration about somebody else. Because he was therefore unlucky, he needed people he could blame since it is always simpler to make an individual responsible instead of assuming that it is the destiny. Ellis' racist attitude was as a result of his stress.

We can see almost all along his life that Ellis had this " low do it yourself esteem” sense Parillo details in his article. Parillo clarifies low self-confidence as...

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