Reaction of Catalase with Hydrogen Peroxide

 Essay about Reaction of Catalase with Hydrogen Peroxide

Reaction of catalase with hydrogen peroxide

AIM: I aim to find the interest rate of response between catalase and hydrogen peroxide.

Nutrients such as Catalase are healthy proteins molecules that are found in living cells. They can be used to increase specific reactions in the cells. Each chemical just works one particular response so they all are very specific. Catalase digestive enzymes found in living cells electronic. g. in yeast, potato or lean meats, speed up (in our case) the breaking down of hydrogen peroxide.

The lock and key analogy…

The locking mechanism is the enzyme and its active sight is where you place the key in. It is very important like the substrate that comes and you possess to the effective site or perhaps the key that fits you into the locking mechanism.


The collision theory

The collision theory clarifies rates of reaction when it comes to the action of allergens in the reactants. For a reaction to happen the reactant allergens must wage war. Only a great amount of the total accidents cause substance change; these are called powerful collisions. The successful accident have enough strength at the moment of impact to be able to the existing a genuine and type new a genuine, therefore ultimately causing the products of the reaction

-Temperature. At a higher temperature, reactant particles will be moving faster with greater average kinetic energy. Therefore more of all of them collide with enough strength to create a successful response. -Concentration. By a higher attentiveness, there is a greater chance of reactant particles colliding with each other with enough energy to produce a successful reaction. Rate of reaction can be directly proportional which means if you double the concentration it will eventually double the rate of reaction. -Surface area. Smaller allergens, e. g. in powder blushes have a much greater area than lumps or crystals. With a greater surface area, even more collisions can take place. Price of response therefore greatly improves if the surface area of the reactant particles dual.


I predict that as the substrate focus of hydrogen peroxide enhances the rate of reaction will also increase. We also predict that while the substrate concentration reduces, it will take more hours for the oxygen to be produced. However , if the enzyme molecules go above the number of substrates available in hydrogen peroxide the response will no longer enhance. This is due to there being more substrate molecules to react with the active site, resulting in more frequent powerful collisions. As a result, when the hydrogen peroxide debris break down faster more fresh air and drinking water can be produced meaning a faster effect can take place

Safety rules

Wear eyesight protection (goggles) and cover clothing when you use hydrogen peroxide (apron). Rinse splashes of catalase or hydrogen peroxide off of the pores and skin immediately. Be careful inserting the bung in the conical flask- it needs to become tight fit, so drive and distort the bung in with attention.

Preliminary job

When start my try things out I accomplished a preliminary test out to see what worked finest, and gave the most correct and trusted results. Following my primary work I decided that I would make use of the concentrations 1cmВі, 2cmВі, 3cmВі, 4cmВі and 5cmВі as they gave the most accurate trustworthy results.


- you x 250ml conical flask- to hold the perfect solution is

-- 1 by bung with delivery tube- bung to ensure no air can break free and delivery tube pertaining to the o2 to travel through. - one particular x 100ml measuring cylinder- to have and evaluate accurately the distilled normal water. - 1 x 25ml measuring cylinder- to measure accurately the catalase remedy - one particular x 10ml measuring cylinder- to assess accurately the hydrogen peroxide - you x plastic material tub – to retain the distilled water

- one particular x goggles- for basic safety purposes.

- 1 x 10ml syringe- to insert the hydrogen peroxide into the conical flask. -- 1 times stop watch- to evaluate accurately the time it takes intended for the reaction to happen. - Catalase liver solution- the solution we are investigating - 20 amount of...

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