Essay upon Causes of Community War 1

Triggers and Beginnings of Universe War One

Who was accountable?


2. Invasion of belgium (Self protection)

* Placing your signature to the empty cheque with Austria 6th July 1914 to go to war with Serbia (Justification may be, self security because these people were encircled) 5. 1870, Philippines also wished to create a great empire just like Britain * Needed to move through Belgium into France to ensure that they'd overcome France prior to Russians appeared, in this case they'd be able to handle the Russians (Schlieffen Plan) * Wished a train for essential oil, trade through the Bulkan area

* Acquired hegamony and this destabilised power in The european union

* If its Germany's fault, anyone looks at how the best choice, in this case the Kaiser works.


* Russians needed access to the Bulkan area in order that their navy blue could get before the mediterranean sea. 2. France Ferdinand was Austria's elect. Was assaninated with a serbian terrorist. * Austrians sensitive about what Serbs do because they may have broken down the multiple racial empire. * if perhaps people in Serbia out of cash away, luxembourg was afraid many other countries would wanna do the same * was also scared of being poor if a large number of countries out of cash away 5. Attacked Belgrade

* Giving an uncommon ultimatum

* protection with their multi countrywide empire coming from serbia's increasing Nationalism


* Had hegamony because of the industrial revolution and wished to keep all their premier situation * Wanted to be simple only untill 1902

* Allies with the The french language and Russia (tripple ententre); secret treaties and deals * The united kingdom wasnt obvious about their motives, they assumed the brittish would not support the French, which means russians *Alliance Clarity 2. Excuse - Fought to get Belgium to assist but seriously, needed to support the French so that they would not drop an ally.


* Desired to create a great empire through Bosnia to double their very own size 2. Would blend trouble while using serbs surviving in...