Essay regarding Report of your Interview

I actually N Deb I Versus I D U A L W O Ur K

Statement on an interview

Subject: Client Behaviour

Professor: Melika Husić-Mehmedović, PhD

Aims of the examine:

вћў why the surveys takers likes or perhaps dislikes particular product? вћў which are his or her motives?

вћў just how he/she perceives people who (not) use the product/service? вћў what in his/her personality is reflected through that product? вћў how family, culture, social course, age, sexuality, previous experience etc ., have an effect on his/her perceptions toward the product? вћў where he/she obtains information about product/service?

The data contained in this statement were gathered from a depth interview that has been done in the home environment. On August 16th, My spouse and i spoke with hypermarkets consumer concerning the services and products that they are providing. The interviewee was twenty-eight year old man, who is one and he could be living with his parents and sister. Annual rent of his family is around 80. 500 KM which is above average annual income per home in Sarajevo. His generally view on hypermarkets is great and this individual thinks they can be great since they offer a range of different goods in one place. He on a regular basis visits certain Hypermarket and he provides chosen Mercator solely intended for the selection of is actually products and brands, and the availability of everything necessary in one place. When it comes to deciding on products to acquire, quality takes on a critical role and selling price of the particular product is much less relevant.

Once i asked him about Mercator's line of products for personal hygiene, the responses could conclude that he will not like these people because they are inexpensive and available to everyone, which usually he views to imply lower quality. He likes to buy products with tested top quality and name brand means a great deal to him once deciding on investing in a particular item. Based on the above mentioned I consider that his motives pertaining to purchases happen to be emotional, just like pride, appeal and...