Essay about Romeo and Juliet - Text vs . 1968 Film vs . 1996 Film

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twenty one May 2013

Romeo and Juliet: Text message vs . Films Comparison

From their representation of characters with their use of terminology, Zefirelli and Luhrmann consider two different approaches to Shakespeare's second most famous theatrical job. The late 1960s version of Romeo and Juliet, described by Verdadero Zeffirelli, is set to a more traditional idea. The historical structure of these towns provides a relatively more genuine feel for the film. The scenery as portrayed inside the 1968 film is ‘correct, ' according to description provided within the text of Romeo and Juliet. The 1996 edition, on the other hand, can be described as different story entirely. Set in a city that is made of various areas of Miami, South america City, and Veracruz, the storyline is given a modern day feel. The application of modern clothing, as well as firearms in place of swords, is also a definitive aspect in the film. The gun, especially, appears to be a point of great interest in this more recent motion picture. Other factors play into this kind of debate among traditional and modern environment, as well. It might be noted that both Luhrmann and Zeffirelli cast small, attractive celebrities in the jobs of Romeo and Juliet. Another big difference is the portrayal of heroes. Zeffirelli's Juliet is an active character, and great emphasis is placed upon her open up expressions of desire. The setting by which she was placed in the Capulet ball only serves to reinforce this; displays of fruit and wine, lit up archways, wealthy fabrics, and Juliet's magnificent red costume all indicate Juliet's libido. In fact , a good portion of the movie is dedicated to the teenage development in Juliet since she approaches her 14th year. Luhrmann's Juliet, however , is described as a passive and somewhat inactive personality. While the lady does have her place in the development of the plotline, more attention is focused upon Romeo and the roller coaster of his feelings. While the late 1960s Romeo can be displayed as a more passionate and sensual character, with his first taken being that of him...