S15 GEN 102 syllabus

 Essay about S15 GEN 102 syllabus

Ashland Community and Technical College or university

Course Title

Foundations of Learning

Directory Number and Section

GEN 102-0112





Training course Location

Study course Campus Site

College Travel Campus

Place Number


Computer Research laboratory G301 (As Needed)

Training course Meeting Information

Meeting Day(s)



Meeting Occasions

11: 00-12: 15

Instructor's Name

Vicki McGinnis

Instructor's Campus Position

College Travel Campus

Instructor's Office Quantity and Workplace Hours

323c Main Building

MW 10: 00-11: 00

TR 9: 00-11: 00

F 15: 00-1: 00

Instructor's email address:

vicki. [email protected] edu

Instructor's Telephone Number


Course Points and Plans

Course Explanation

Presents strategies which encourage academic and private success in college, which includes utilizing grounds resources, learning and storage, self-management, critical reading, crucial thinking, class room skills, and career search, and job interview skills.

Course Text(s)

Give attention to Community School Success. Constance Staley. second Edition. ISBN-13 978-1-285-88844-6

Training course Materials

A 3-ring laptop computer with a few subject dividers

ACTC Student Planner

Grading Requirements

The final class for this course will be based within the number of factors accumulated.

Attendance and School Participation

280 points (10 points every day)

In the lecture Work and Homework Tasks

240 factors

Chapter Quizzes

180 factors (12 @ 15 items each)

Module Tests

75 (3 snabel-a 25 items each)

Reflection Papers

75 (3 snabel-a 25 factors each)

Job application letter and Curriculum vitae

50 details

Career Conventional paper and ten-year Reunion

60 points


50 details

Total Items Possible

1000 Points total

GRADING SCALE: 900---1000 details = A

800---899 items = N

700---799 details =C

600—699 points sama dengan D

Listed below 600 points= E

***There will be the two announced and unannounced added bonus point options occasionally over the semester****

Program Competencies/Learner Results

Upon good completion of this course the student may:

1 . Demonstrate an understanding showing how he or she is responsible for his or her very own experience in college. 2 . Describe ways to create a powerful and gratifying college knowledge. 3. List and identify methods to: increase ability to call to mind information; take care of time more effectively; take successful notes; prepare for and have tests; tune in to a address for comprehension; apply innovative and important thinking abilities. 4. Demonstrate an understanding of personal ideas and decisions relating to issues typically faced simply by college students including personal associations, teacher-student associations, budgeting money and time, drug abuse, and health related practices. 5. Discover and utilize resources that are available on grounds and in the city that can assist pupils with challenges related to health, academics, personal relationships, catalogue research, training course changes, operate, financial aid and other college services. 6. List several guidelines for making plans that support guarantee achievement. Starfish—Important Info

Starfish is a software package that enables college teachers and experts to maintain contact with students relating to their academic progress during the semester. If perhaps academic improvement is not satisfactory, " flags” could be issued with suggested advancements. " Referrals” to academics support services can be built and great comments, referred to as " kudos”, may also be issued. These Starfish notices will probably be sent to students' college emails only. Learners will also have the opportunity to schedule sessions with their educational advisors through the Starfish diary feature. College students may access Starfish through a link in Blackboard. Students should speak to their trainer, their consultant, or a great advisor in the Advising Centre if they may have questions relating to this program. Starfish has been presented during...

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