Sexualization of females

 Essay about Sexualization of females

Sexualization of Girls

Sexualization of Girls

The very best approach to fix the problem of sexualization of females is by using Media Education and Show Discussions (MEST) strategy. This is achieved by the care of expanding career oriented girls and ladies in the culture. There are a number of ways this could be achieved but the most powerful and ideal method which can be applied and produce the specified results may be the use of effective women in the commercial and the company world because icons and references. There is a famous declaring in the scriptures that declares that flat iron sharpens flat iron. This same principle seems to work in numerous aspects of mankind. For example , sexualization of girls is known as a problem which has been in existence for quite some time. However , those who have perpetuated it are the women famous people and designs in the contemporary society. They have successfully promoted the idea of sexualization of females through development of sexualized images of themselves inside the media as well as the business world. Music and other video productions and so are with sexualized messages and pictures of women who also are mostly half-naked dancing in the name of entertainment. In essence, the current ethnic life that girls celebrities and successful women live is vital to ongoing sexualization difficulty. Therefore , the best and easy approach that can be used to reduce sexualization of girls in the culture is through the use of popular and successful females in the corporate world to act as part models pertaining to young girls to emulate (Siddiqui, 2013). There are a variety of other ways that have been advised by experts such as educating parents to control their children and regulate on the actual watch about televisions as well as the music they listen to. This method seems to never work correctly because young girls and teenagers tend to have a decreased profile of their parents. This therefore becomes a hindrance because of their daughters to become them and do as they suggest them. Additionally , young girls specifically at the young stage are likely to be edgy to parents. It is therefore extremely tough for girls at this stage of existence to listen and follow the advice of their parents on concerns of sexualization culture. Even though the American Internal Association Job Force survey of 2007 strongly suggested parents to train their daughters and kids on sexualization, this method does not seem to work well. This may be due to the fact that young girls and boys are highly inspired by their colleagues. They as a result emulate their very own peers on various dress up codes and versions and also their tendencies as far as sexualization is concerned. There are a variety of ways this plan may be put in place. The first and many important opportunity to be applied is the media society. Multimedia is a single avenue which has perpetuated and magnified the problem of sexualization of girls through advertisements, music, videos and television and radio shows that portray the celebrities and popular women in the contemporary society as sexualized stereotypes (Curry & Choate, 2010). A lot of them dress inappropriately in order to win over men viewers since this traditions of sexualization of girls and ladies has been a place for reputation and famousness. The mass media should after that turn around and enforce policies that stop commercial advertising campaign of all kinds that portrays sexualization of girls. The plans should also utilize the fact that no well-known woman organization should be put on air surf in the name of reveals if they are dressed appropriately or in the manner which experts claim not show them because sexualized things. Additionally , the media fraternity should also come up with regulations that control this content that is shown in their channels through music and video shows. This regulation should certainly entail the banning of playing music where women are depicted dancing half-naked or occasionally fully bare entertaining their particular male equivalent. If this is applied, young girls will never be able to access the sexualized...

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