Interpersonal Communication-Assignment Week 1 Essay

" Close Relationships At times Mask Poor Communication”

Michelle Ziegler

Interpersonal Communication-COM200

Bill Barckholtz

Might 18, 2013

" Close Relationships Occasionally Mask poor Communication”

In my opinion, I do believe that after scanning this article, this makes me wonder how some husband and wife do not have a similar wavelength because their partners. I've been with my partner pertaining to twenty several years today and we both know what the other person is considering, I can finish his paragraphs before they will even emerge from his oral cavity. I have the very best man in the world because whenever I i am feeling straight down, he often knows how to decide on me up, he will venture out and choose me a lot of flowers just to get me in a better mood. I remember single time when I was sick, he did many methods from making me something to have to taking me a popular cup of tea with honey and lemon in it. I enjoy him a lot! I can't say for sure what I could do without him! In accordance to this document, I argue with it because human relationships are very solid if you discover how to make them operate. According to Kenneth Savitsky, a professor of psychology at Williams College in Williamstown, Ma states " Some couples may certainly be on similar wavelength, nevertheless may be not as much as they think. You get hurried and preoccupied, and you quit taking the point of view of the other person, precisely for the reason that two of you are incredibly close. ” I am on the same wavelength as my personal man, thus i disagree with Savitsky since I know my man inside and out and I do not need some research to say nearly anything against my personal relationship. Having a close marriage like mine only occurs once in a lifetime. I always hear my local freinds say " I cannot believe that you guys are still together! ” I met my gentleman in high school graduation, and we have been completely together ever since so , true love does happen. I possess such an excellent close romantic relationship with my own man that whenever we get up in the morning, we have a program to stay and have lunch break together, then simply we

" Close Interactions Sometimes...

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