Essay about Squanto and Powhatan: Compare Venn Picture

1 ) Squanto and Powhatan

Compare and contrast Venn diagram




Went to England.

Was fluent in English.

Was a friend from the pilgrims.

The only survivor of his tribe.

Chief of his tribe.

Ruled with an flat iron grip.

Bitten the settlers.

Both Indians.

Identified that the British were remarkable.

Both helped the settlers.

2 . Compare two distinct Native American Tribes. В | Group #1: Wampanoag| Tribe #2: Cherokee

Government В | В The Wampanoag had been organized as being a confederacy with lesser sachems and sagamores under the authority of a Grand Sachem. | During the early on 1800s, the Cherokee followed their govt to a crafted constitution. They established their particular courts and schools, and achieved a normal of living that was your envy of their white friends and neighbors. | Overall economy В | В The Wampanoag were a horticultural people who supplemented their very own agriculture with hunting and fishing. | В The Cherokee were horticulturalists, raising cereal and veg crops on a swidden basis and supplementing their subsistence through hunting, fishing, and collecting. | Religion В | В The Wampanoag's religious beliefs was named Spiritualism. They will thanked Mother Earth, animals, crops, birds, seafood, and all life for the gifts they will gave to the Wampanoag. | В The Cherokees had a strong belief that there were selected beings whom came down from the skies formed the world, the celestial satellite and the stars. It was believed that the community was created during the time of the new celestial body overhead of fall months, when the fruits of the the planet were ripe. | Tradition В | В The Wampanoag subsisted, since did other tribes of the Eastern Woodlands, on the " Three Sisters" (maize, beans, and squash) along with the fruits of hunting, fishing and gathering. Contrary to tribes of the Iroquois, the Wampanoag occupied wetus instead of longhouses. | В The Cherokee were a settled, agricultural people surviving in approximately 2 hundred...