Essay regarding Strategy Proposal - Example 2 The SecurOps Obstacle

Strategy Proposal -- Case Study #2 The SecurOps Challenge

HPI501 Introduction to Business and Individual Performance

Grantham University

Sept 23, 2013


We, SecurOps is glad to introduce a modern hand-held wand that will be utilized in security investigations. It is even more specialized as it is able to discover chemicals utilized in most bombs, in addition to its usual function to be a detector. It has a real estate of exhibiting the searched person's info on a FLAT SCREEN screen. Our company took this initiative following realizing that our former products were very secure and so had several limitations. These upgrades may positively change the functionality in the whole scanning services system. Each of our client, William Gateway International airport in Chandler, has a drive toward motivation and we will make use of this technology the first time in their airport terminal. Due to the intricacy of this tools, we are to coach the staff who will end up being installing it. There is need to certify the employees, who happen to be legally required to operate these types of gadgets with the airport. One month training will probably be needed to enable them to properly utilize the tools. The technology to use

The majorities with the employees possess a basic senior high school education, but have no college or university education. Any kind of mistake as a result of installation and operation of these units could be a disaster. The technology to get started on this project will be the HH1, which is handheld. The purpose of initiating this task with this form of technology is because it is advisable than the past technology so that as a company we wish to deliver the very best. Then soon after, we is going to introduce the complete body scanner which is still being tested consist of airports (Nunan, 1996).


Budget item

Amount (in dollars)


$25, 500

Materials pertaining to training (practical)

$75, 1000


$25, 000

Gear for business presentation

$25, 000

Travel expenses

$50, 00


$45, 1000


$ 200, 1000

The above...

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