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Assistant Entertainment Director

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Mentor Evelyn Shankus, M. H.

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November twenty eight, 2012


History/Organizational Overview#

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Recruiting Methods#

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Selection procedure#

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Interview questions#

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Performance appraisal system#


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Arrange for compensation and reward#

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History and Company Overview


The luxury cruise industry is the fastest growing segment from the travel industry – attaining more than 2, 100 percent expansion since 1970. Sarkisian Cruise ship (SCL) runs one send which is built to foster exceedingly fun and memorable vacation activities at an outstanding value. SCL provides year-round cruises for the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Short. The brand caters to couples, lonely people, and various groups of friends within the 21-45 age range. SCL is a member of the exclusive Planet's Leading Cruise Lines alliance, which has six world class cruise lines, every a leader in a particular type of cruise visiting. SCL provides affordable, although luxurious cruise options.

Short History

SCL was launched by the entrepreneur Sam Sarkisian, who set out to understand his perspective of making a holiday experience once reserved for the very rich, now accessible to the average person. That first set travel in 2009 having a three day time cruise inside the Bahamas. SCL is a north american owned cruise line, based in New mexico, Florida. Sarkisian was a pioneer in the concept of shorter, cheaper cruises. Sarkisian is known for its Las Vegas-style dГ©cor and entertainment, as there are a wide range of activities offered aboard.

Mission affirmation

Sarkisian's objective is to deliver exceptional getaway experiences simply by catering to a variety of different lifestyles and budgets, every at an outstanding value unrivaled on area or at sea.

Macro level desired goals

• Boost revenue by 20% every year

• Broaden ports of call to New Great britain, Canada, and South America

• Expand our line simply by one deliver in five years

Company values

• Sarkisian Cruise Line prides themselves in delivering unforgettable vacations with their guests. A Sarkisian cruise offers not simply outstanding value for the money, but above all, fun! A " fun ship" sail features working day and night time entertainment just like stage shows, musical performances, casinos plus more. We make our guests feel right at home, too — think comfy stateroom accommodations, attentive service, scrumptious food and drink — and they take pleasure in the experience up against the backdrop of some of the world's most beautiful slots.

• SCL stocks and shares a commitment to quality and benefit, offering sail vacations that appeal into a wide range of life styles and costs and travel to some from the world's most fun destinations. All of us value producing vacations when reserved for the rich, available to everybody.

• SCL values their very own exceptional remedying of all personnel.

Additional Market Information (Industry Outlook)

There might be no argument that the cruise industry is definitely booming. They have experienced constant growth in all its major resource markets over the past ten years, and the two leading cruise corporations, which are the cause of about 70 percent of around the world cruise capacity, are reporting substantial and ever-increasing -- profits. All of the key symptoms are that, for the foreseeable future, the cruise industry will always grow their sales, revenue and profitability. Passenger amounts should increase from the outlook 15. one particular million in 2006 to twenty-five million by 2015. В The 2005 effects of the top three luxury cruise companies suggest that the around the world industry produced revenues of more...

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