Text messaging while traveling

 Essay about Texting when driving

п»ї1. What is the function of lipids?

Used for energy storage. It has twice offers much since energy/gram than carbohydrates. installment payments on your What do fats make component to?

They can be part of the cell membrane.

several. What two hormones will be lipids? Estrogen and testerone

4. What are two examples of lipids? Body fat and essential oils.

5. By what level of matter are they held at ensuite temperature? Excess fat are sturdy at space temperature, and oils are liquid at room heat. 6. What are foods of every example? Excess fat: butter, tard (animal fat); Oils: Extra virgin olive oil, Corn Oil (plant fats) 8. Why is up cellular membranes (type of lipids)? Phospholipids and cholesterol make-up cell membranes. 9. What are steroids? They are really a type of hormone that can combination cell membrane layer directly into cellular material. 10. Precisely what is the function of anabolic steroids? Steroids will be chemical messengers. 11. Exactly what are waxes and what is the function? Waxes are on leaves of plant life to make these people waterproof. doze. What are lipids composed of (structure)? Fats and oils; glycerol and several fatty acids. 13. What are the elements that lipids contain? Lipids include carbon, hydrogen, and o2. 14. What process happens when glycerol and 3 fatty acids combine to form one particular fat? Dehydration synthesis. 12-15. What are unhealthy fats? They generally result from animal fat. 16. Where do offered from? Offered from creature fats.

17. Why is it dangerous for you? It causes heart disease when lodged in arterial blood vessels. 18. Saturated fats are made up of largely what component? Hydrogen 19. Unsaturated fats generally originate from what type of essential oils? They generally are derived from plant herbal oils. 20. Which in turn fats happen to be better intended for you- (saturated or unsaturated fats)? Unsaturated fats 21 years old. What are the 2 sources of hypercholesteria? Your body; the meals that you ingest 22. What is bad cholesterol? LDL (low density lipoprotein)

23. Precisely what is good bad cholesterol? (high density lipoprotein)

twenty-four. What are the functions LDL and HDL, and so what do they symbolize? LDL(low thickness lipoprotein)-goes to cells, excess deposited in...

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