Essay regarding The Beauty of Calle Crisologo

Calle Crisologo

The most beautiful street inside the Philippines are available in Vigan -- Calle Crisologo. It had been restored to its pre-war beauty using its cobbled streets and older Spanish residences. It is the simply town during World War II that was saved from destruction because of a love account. Legend has it that a Japanese General, who wedded a Filipina in Vigan, promised the parish priest that he would save this town from break down from the retreating Japanese in the event that he would agree to take care of his family. It is not only a preserved traditional street just like the ones in Intramuros, nonetheless it is full of life, especially during the Festivity of the Disciplines. Leona Florentino welcomes you to Bulevar Crisologo.

She actually is considered as the " mother of Filipino women's literature" and the " bridge by oral to literary tradition"  (wikipedia) In the Philippine Historic Committee 1958 marker, she actually is described as: " Foremost Ilocano poetress,

delicate satirist and playwright.  Born in Vigan, Ilocos En deambulant 19� 04 1849. Little girl of Marcelino Florentino and Isabel Florentino and mother of thelate Isabelo de los Reyes.  Distant aunty of Rizal. A poet at the age of ten. Her� works in Spanish and Ilocano�

were later displayed in the�

'Exposicion Standard de Filipinas',  Madrid, 1887 and in the 'Exposition Internationale', Paris� 1889. Her identity with a list�

of a few of her functions appeared in the 'Bibliotheque Internationale des Quevres desFemmes', modified by Madame Andzia Wolkska, 1889. Died 4 October 1884. " Walking along Calle Crisologo is a must for each Filipino wanting to understand each of our heritage. Bulevar Crisologo is one of the streets in the Philippines where you could still discover and ride an actual calesa. In Manila, you can also do this in Intramuros or Binondo. Abel Iloko weave is likewise another signature trademark of Vigan. Straightforward hand bath towels are made beautiful because of the place.  Most Filipinos buy the desk runners, hands towels and the blankets. (Prices change depending on how well you...