The Decreasing in numbers Appalachian Elktoe Essay

Claude Watts. Boyd

Environmental Science 2

Mr. Beam Stafford

13 October 2012В

The Endangered Appalachian Elktoe

(Alasmidonta raveneliana)


There are several mussel listed on the endangered species inside the state of Tennessee yet one that was out the most is the Appalachian Elktoe. There is very little known about how precisely this kinds became endangered but it seem to be that contaminants to the Tn rivers and streams are the main culprits. The Elktoe was included with the Government Endangered list November23, 1994. Since the real estate, there are three important points to consider from this exploration; they are; how they got to become endangered, as well as the recovery decide to bring them back. The Appalachian Elktoe is actually a small freshwater animal that reside in East Tennessee and Western, New york. It has a skinny familiar shell, extending to about some to 5” inches long. To the common untrained vision, it looks like some other mussel. The adult mussels are usually darkish to greenish-black. They have the appearance of a lob-sided flying saucer with striated lines. Additional, " The shell nacre (inside layer surface) is usually shiny, generally white to bluish-white, changing to a fish, pinkish, or brownish color in the central and beak cavity servings of the cover; some individuals may be marked with abnormal brownish blotches”[2]#@@#@!!. The reproductive system cycle with the species is similar to other local mussels. Historically, the types has been documented from the Tululu Creek (Tennessee River Draining, the main control of the French Broad Lake, and the Swannanoa River (French Broad River” (Clarke 1981). The elktoe mussel requires a specific an environment in order to maintain a healthy population. The components of habitat the elktoe requires respectively a particular depth, a certain flow of water, and a specific blend bottom formula. The elktoe is known to stay in the " riffle sections” [3]of promising small to medium sized channels with tiny rocks and fine sand bottoms.

It absolutely was stated earlier that little was known...