Essay about The Nightingale and the Flower

The Nightingale as well as the Rose

You should write down the characters' different attitudes toward Love: (1) The present student's

(2) The Lizard's, the Butterfly's plus the Daisy's

(3) The Nightingale

Love is mysterious factor, attracting a large number of authors in all-time. " The Nightingale and the Rose”, a fairy tale by Oscar Wilde, is actually a meaningful tale following the theme of Love. The theme is definitely deeply conveyed in this story through the characters' different behaviour toward Like. For students, the need for Love, simply, is definitely red went up. He became adoringly obsessed with the Professor's daughter. The girl promised to dance with him in the event he bought her red roses although he wasn't able to find any red tulips. He was and so sad and disappointed. " He cried and his gorgeous eyes filled with tears”, " He flung himself down on the turf, and left his encounter in his hands, and swept. ” Therefore , the Nightingale thought mistakenly that the Scholar was a " true lover” and tried her far better to help him. However , actually the feelings the Student has pertaining to the Professor's daughter are those of material Love. He could be only enthusiastic about her natural beauty. He would nothing to make his heavenly gift. He just cried and " went into his place, and lie down on his tiny pallet-bed, and began to consider his like; and, after a time, he fell asleep. ” He never understands the Nightingale's sacrifice and consider it without any consideration. He gladly " ran up to the Professor's house with all the rose in his hand”. On the other hand, when becoming refused, he " plonked the flower into the street” without hesitating. He discards the reddish colored rose- Take pleasure in. The Student is definitely ignorant of affection and is certainly not persistent in pursuing take pleasure in. For him, " How silly point Love is”, " will not prove anything”, " it is quite unpractical, and, as in this kind of age to become practical is everything. ” Trainees represents the contemporary culture, following materialism. Money is everything and Like is nothing. The Lizard, the Butterflies and the Daisy- personified animals- also have their own thought about appreciate. Love, for...