Essay about Tivo Evaluation

Atawanna L. Noble

February six, 2008

Marketing Management

Ideal Inflection: TiVo in 2005

SWOT Research:


•Partnerships with huge established players

•Multiple potential revenue streams

•Brand recognition and loyal customer power

•Big investorsWeaknesses

•Separation by partners

•Dependency on only some suppliers


•Innovative tips

•International Industry

•Rapidly developing marketThreats

•Competition and possible substitutes

•Manufacturing partners

•Dependency on main retail companions for circulation

•Legal Challenges


One of TiVo's biggest advantages is the partnerships with large founded players. Volvo, Toshiba, Leading, and Direct TV are a few of the players which were partnered with TiVo. Immediate TV supplied perhaps the best opportunity of all the other players. Partnering with Direct TV, the largest U. S. satellite TV operator, supplied consumers with an integrated Direct TV/DVR set-top box. Another one of TiVo's strength is their multiple potential revenue channels. TiVo has built great difference in its product. TiVo supplies DVR technology and companies to the customers. TiVo also created a second-generation product, TiVo Series2, which provided new software program as digital music, digital, pictures, and VOD, video on demand. Brand reputation and buyer loyalty is yet another major strength of TiVo. Being one of the 1st to lead the charge in the DVR market has established the strong manufacturer recognition to get TiVo. This kind of also gives opportunity for TiVo to launch new products and possess them acknowledged more easily by their customers. Associated these talents of TiVo is the leaders that purchase it. A number of the giants incorporate AOL, Disney, Showtime, Encore, NBC, CBS, Comcast, and Sony. These kinds of giants bring to TiVo their experience and intelligence. They also provide their particular quality manufacturer recognition to TiVo, producing these relationships a major durability for...