Essay regarding Truancy: High School and Socioeconomic Status

A study to explore the factors adding to

truancy among a group of Level 9 kids at the

Rosemount Primary and Junior High school graduation in

Linstead St . Catherine.

Submitted by: Angene Clarke

Course Subject: Action Analysis

Date: Aug 10, 2010.


Truancy is an important issue in today's contemporary society, as it is a definite warning sign to get other complications a student could possibly be facing, and in addition has good links to delinquency and substance make use of. Truancy is definitely rated among the major concerns facing universities today (Garry, 1996Truancy can be described as deviant behavior practice by many students in many of our schools. However , the amount of truancy differs with schools. It is an undesirable behaviour that may cause various social concerns in our colleges and culture. In general Truancy is not an inherited conduct but one which has come from a large number of external elements in a children's life. These can either become personal, parent, community, college or lifestyle. The males in this examine were generally absent from practice and when they are really present at school they may be absent through the various classes. These males would be observed in the town of Linstead within their school standard long after college dismisses The high level of truancy practice among a group of Grade being unfaithful boys in the Rosemount Primary and Jr High School provides cause for burial plot concern. Truants often perceive the world around them as volatile and puzzling. Many originate from dysfunctional families with fragile internal buildings, high turmoil and psychological insecurity. Inside the school environment, truants query their educational prowess, show low self-esteem and have problems establishing positive relations with peers and school staff. Confrontation is normally the hallmark of their college experience. Rosemount Primary and Junior High school graduation is situated inside the outskirt of Linstead inside the Rosemount community. The school's population is around 750 most of whom will be boys. The academic staff comprises of 39 educators, 30 females and on the lookout for males which includes 2 advice councillors. The teaching staff is a highly qualified one. The college is not considered under staff so the teachers aren't overburden with heavy work load. The school works on a switch system with a change of shift happening in Feb . of each 12 months so as to allow persons to have both shifts Problem Statement

The problem is the high number of truancy exhibited by a group of grade being unfaithful boys with the Rosemount Principal and Junior High School in Linstead St Catherine. There exists agreement that truancy is a crucial issue because of the negative effects of loss in human capital when students do not complete school (Lee & Burkam). The kids are burning off valuable category time which has impacted on the overall performances. If this challenge is not addressed their very own performance inside the GNAT examination will be damaged. Research has proven that there is the link between pupil attendance and student overall performance. For school to carry out its function of educating and socializing students, regular attendance is important, When universities fail to perform these features it will produce anti-social behaviour in our contemporary society. Purpose of the research

The purpose of this kind of qualitative examine is to check out to find reasons and likely solution intended for the higher level of truancy among a grouping of grade being unfaithful boys with the Rosemount Major and Jr . High School. The population in this research is 550 students of which in turn 30 will be used in the test. The approaches used to acquire data had been interview and in-depth interview. Significance in the study

The void of truancy compromises schools' primary function and places our young people in danger. The benefits that can be derived from this kind of study will be schools, Rosemount Primary and Junior Full of particular can carry out it is functions. Pupil will develop large self-esteem and self efficiency allowing them to be more sociable. While truancy also affects the wider contemporary society, truant college students have the potential to lead a lifetime of...

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