Essay about Shakespeare: Vendor of Venicw

" Although love is blind, and lovers cannot see

The pretty follies that themselves commit;

To get if they could, Cupid himself will blush

To see me therefore transformed to a boy” (Shakespeare, 37).

The play The Merchant of Venice lies a huge focus on love and just how it in the end makes us human. Take pleasure in is described in many ways. There is certainly love between family, close friends and lovers. Each of the associations in the play can teach us a lessons. We see in Antonio and Bassanio's relationship that appreciate may not continually be returned in the same potential. In Bassanio and Portia's relationship we learn that love isn't just always about affection, it may just be a method of moving ahead. In Jessica and Lorenzo's appreciate we find that love can be a means of avoid to change a life forever. Antonio, one of many characters inside the Merchant of Venice clearly loves Bassanio. What I don't understand is if the love between those two is shared, equal, or perhaps completely misitreperted. Antonio is usually willing to sacrifice his lifestyle in-order pertaining to Bassanio to be with his like. He possibly forgives Bassanio of his previous debts. Bassanio however, throughout the whole play is only concerned with himself. He just cares about getting married to Portia and sharing in her inheritance. Antonio may possibly see his love in competition with Portia's love. The only place where I see any sort of affection from Bassanio is if he gets reports of Antonio's trial. This just proves that occasionally love can be not returned in the same capacity. Portia may or may not like Bassanio. Judging from her talking about the Hercules misconception, we know your woman knows having been using her to get to her money. Performing, as a sensible woman, the lady over looks this. Your woman convinces herself to care for him in any case. She is producing the best of the bad scenario. I think the love between Portia and Bassanio is totally misunderstood. One is using the different for money; the other is aware of this but continues with the romantic relationship. This goes to demonstrate that...